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Cybertec offers a complete range of APS software.

The CyberPlan Advanced Planning and Scheduling software supports all the needs of your manufacturing company, from Demand Planning to finite capacity Scheduling, through production Planning, Sales & Operations Planning and Manufacturing Forecasting.
CyberPlan is the solution needed to improve service level, increase productivity and decrease costs. Thanks to this powerful tool you can have full control over the entire Supply Chain.

Configurability of CyberPlan

Furthermore, the complete configurability of CyberPlan allows you to have all the necessary parameters to plan the production such as resources capability and materials requirement.

In addition, the fast and efficient execution of algorithms allows you to repeat the MRP calculations allowing you to quickly identify the most efficient scenario.


It can be integrated with all ERPs so as to obtain complete control of the supply chain. Among the perfectly integrable ERP there are: SAP, JDE, Sage, Oracle, Panthera.

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Strengths of CyberPlan

  • IMDB: Fast and continuous interaction
  • Configurability: it can model the single company to details
  • Integration with any IT sistem

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Activity Monitoring
Custom Charts
Data Import/Export
Drill Down
Interactive Gantt Chart
Objectives Management
Time Series Analysis
People Management
Work Shift
Workforce management
Working Time Management
Point of Sale Management
Multiple Store Management
Process & Workflow
Drag&Drop Process Editor
Manufacturing Management
Master Production Schedule (MPS)
Materials Resources Planning Materials Requirements Planning or Manufacturing Resources Planning
Project Management
Availability Analysis
Backlog Management
Demand Management
Kanban Board
Macroplanning & Reverse planning
Planning Simulator
Priority Management
Productivity Analysis
Project Planning
Resource Allocation
Resource Management Human Resources management
Task Planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project
Sales Force Automation
Events History and Follow-Up Account Activity & History
Order Entry
Sales Forecasting Future sales numbers based on statistics

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