AtroPIM: in summary

AtroPIM is 100% open-source and free PIM software. It can be used for consolidation, storing, processing, enriching and distribution of the product information, so you get the full control over all your data and your product catalogs, which can be prepared much faster.

AtroPIM has a configurable data model and layouts, so it is a matter of minutes to create a new field and begin to use it. The data model is based on entities, entity attributes and relations of all kinds among them. The System has a lot of features out of the box. Access can be configured even of the field level.

It helps you to organize teamwork and automate your business processes to improve the quality of your product data and the productivity of your colleagues.

The System is web-based and has responsive user interfaces, so it can be easily used desktops, tablets and phones, it should not be installed, all you need is a modern web browser.

AtroPIM is very flexible. It can be easily adopted to the customer needs. There are free and paid modules to extend the functionality of the system.

Its benefits

Open-Source and Free Software

Configurable Data Model and Layouts

Expandable with free and paid Modules

AtroPIM - Dashboard
AtroPIM - Dashboard
AtroPIM - Dashboard
AtroPIM - Products
AtroPIM - Product List
AtroPIM - Product Families
AtroPIM - Screenshot 5

AtroPIM: its rates

Basic Support
/month /999 users
Premium Support
/month /999 users
Enterprise Support
/month /999 users

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