Advanseez: Online Project Management

Advanseez is a project management application that is very easy to learn. The solution is centered on the actions to be carried out.

Its highly collaborative environment is designed to highlight ideas and transform them into concrete actions. Advanseez also offers dashboards and graphics oriented marketing strategy.

The interface of avanseez lack of aesthetics but some good surprises like mapping actions are appreciated.

At a very reasonable price of €19.90 / month for 3 users you benefit from a complete and effective project management software that will allow you to structure your organization.


Editor: CPH Développement

Strengths of Advanseez

Advanseez demo and screenshots Presentation Advanseez: Recommendation & decision support (phone, email, ticket), Conversations and posts Advanseez: Recommendation & Decision, conversations and posts, Planning Advanseez: support (phone, email, ticket), support (phone, email, ticket), Task Manager Advanseez: Recommendation & Decision, conversations and posts, SWOT Analysis Advanseez: Task Manager, Staffing, conversations and posts Advanseez: Staffing, SWOT Analysis, Task Manager Advanseez: Planning, Task Manager, Planning Advanseez: Planning, Community (FAQ Forum), support (phone, email, ticket) Advanseez-screenshot-0 Advanseez-screenshot-1 Advanseez-screenshot-2 Advanseez-screenshot-3 Advanseez-screenshot-4

Advanseez customers

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Advanseez pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

19.9 /month for 3 users


Recommendation & Decisions
Conversations and Posts Collaborative discussions between team members
Task Management
SWOT Matrix Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
People Management


Community (FAQ, Forum)
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)