Timetonic: Innovative visual, cloud & mobile management solution

Management and Collaboration

Because you need great communication and great organization to make every project a success, TimeTonic elegantly combine those functionnalities. 
TimeTonic is a new visual, cloud and mobile solution for professionals. 
There is no limit of what you can do with TimeTonic. The ease to use of its intelligent data base means that you can create and adapt your very own mobile and web apps in minutes. 

For what ? 

Because companies are looking for flexibility, we have imagine a new organization tool, as flexible as a spreadsheet, as simple to use as Post-its cards that you move on your screen and as powerful as a relational database.

For who ? 

For teams sharing spreadsheets, ideas, calendars, forms, etc. TimeTonic is a new visual, cloud and mobile management and collaboration solution, which allow you to plan and manage your clients, projects, documents and field interventions in a incredibly agile and simple way.

Imagine a table where you can drag and drop files, directly chat with your team, work in a calendar, Gantt, Kanban or dashboard view and create your very own native and mobile app in minutes. 

2016 Innovation of the year laureate, Orange Fab laureate, TimeTonic is proud to have Engie, Capgemini and Blackpills as clients. 

Applications examples 

  • Engie, for field intervention management
  • Capgemini, for project management and CRM
  • Blackpills, for movie production
  • NCA, for CRM 

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Timetonic demo and screenshots

Table view: Collaboration space (sms, email, push notification) on the left side and right side of the databaseGeographic view (map)Web and mobile sync to stay, Wherever You Are!timeline viewCalendar viewCard view (Kanban)Gantt viewForm viewdashboard.png

Timetonic customers

Timetonic ClientTimetonic ClientTimetonic ClientTimetonic ClientTimetonic ClientTimetonic Client

Timetonic pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

€14.9/month /user
€25.9/month /user

Prix dégressif : durée d'engagement et nombre de licences


Application Settings
Data Duplication
Data Import & Export (CSV, XLS)
Multiple Currencies Management Possibility to deal with multiple currencies
PDF export
Data Sharing Rules
Right management
Users management
Project management
Assessment of tasks to be completed
Availability analysis
Custom Project Structure
Customer Profitability
Duplicate project
Issue Management
Kanban Board
Planning Simulator
Priority management
Project Portfolio (PPM)
Project Requests
Project planning
Project profitability Return On Investment
Project templates
Projects Overview / follow up
Recurring task
Resource allocation
Resource management Human Resources management
Task planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project
Virtual Task Board
Productivity Analysis
Project Geolocation
Project report
Services Management
Customer portal
Diagnostic Help
Intervention Receipt
Interventions Management
Service Scheduling
Services Configuration
Subcontractors Management
Authorised Representative & Service Provider Management
Interventions Report
Round Management

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