Effivity: in summary

Effivity is a cloud-based software product developed on software as a service model. Effivity enables an organization to enhance their quality management system, occupational health & safety management system and environment management system.

Effivity aligns people and processes for enhanced performance, productivity and profitability and minimized risk & deviations.

It aims to make ISO compliance simple, easy, quick, value adding, cost-effective, collaborative and time-saving .resulting in enabling an organization to enhance Efficiency and augment productivity.It is aimed to ensure there are no multiple parallel systems in the organization which has historically been a phenomenon associated with ISO compliance globally. Offers 100% compliance to ISO QMS, HSE & OH&SMS standards.

Its benefits

  • Simple, intuitive and quick onboarding
  • User friendly, cost effective and no IT infrastructure
  • Collaborative, always accessible and audit ready
  • Certifications:ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 9001
Information on Effivity
Software edited by Effivity Technologies
Data stored in the following countries: Ireland, United States of America (USA)
List of the available languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Castilian
Effivity - ISO 9001:2015 Certification implemetation and requirements QMS Software MyEasyISO
Video 1
HSE Risk assessment Planning Dashboard
HSE compliance obligation Module dashboard Effivity
Policy and objective Effivity Dashboard Module
Corporate Dashboard 1 - Effivity QMS Software Software & HSE
Quality Module Dashboard Effivity
HSE Dashboard software Effivity
Dashboard Module Operations Effivity
Sales Dashboard Module Effivity
Risk & Opportunity Dashboard Module Effivity
Internal Audit Module Dashboard Effivity
Dashboard for Document Control Module and documented information module
HR Dashboard Module
Purchase Modules dashboard
Dashboard for the context of the organization Modula
Non Conformity Dashboard Module
Corporate Dashboard 2 - Effivity QMS HSE & Software
HSE Performance Evaluation
HSE Operations Dashboard

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