Effivity: in summary

Effivity is a cloud-based software product developed on software as a service model. Effivity enables an organization to enhance their quality management system, occupational health & safety management system and environment management system.

Effivity aligns people and processes for enhanced performance, productivity and profitability and minimized risk & deviations.

It aims to make ISO compliance simple, easy, quick, value adding, cost-effective, collaborative and time-saving .resulting in enabling an organization to enhance Efficiency and augment productivity.It is aimed to ensure there are no multiple parallel systems in the organization which has historically been a phenomenon associated with ISO compliance globally. Offers 100% compliance to ISO QMS, HSE & OH&SMS standards.

Its benefits

Simple, intuitive and quick onboarding

User friendly, cost effective and no IT infrastructure

Collaborative, always accessible and audit ready

Certifications:ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Effivity - Video
Effivity - HSE Risk assessment Planning Dashboard
Effivity - HSE compliance obligation Module dashboard Effivity
Effivity - Policy and objective Effivity Dashboard Module
Effivity - Corporate Dashboard 1 - Effivity QMS Software Software & HSE
Effivity - Quality Module Dashboard Effivity
Effivity - HSE Dashboard software Effivity
Effivity - Dashboard Module Operations Effivity
Effivity - Sales Dashboard Module Effivity
Effivity - Risk & Opportunity Dashboard Module Effivity
Effivity - Internal Audit Module Dashboard Effivity
Effivity - Dashboard for Document Control Module and documented information module
Effivity - HR Dashboard Module
Effivity - Purchase Modules dashboard
Effivity - Dashboard for the context of the organization Modula
Effivity - Non Conformity Dashboard Module
Effivity - Corporate Dashboard 2 - Effivity QMS HSE & Software
Effivity - HSE Performance Evaluation
Effivity - HSE Operations Dashboard

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