Mobilize: An engagement platform for member-driven communities


Mobilize is an engagement platform for member-driven communities, including associations, nonprofits, movements and corporations. With this solution, you will be able to unite your members and go beyond online community software.

Why should you choose Mobilize?

Mobilize is a scalable engagement platform that can be used by communities of all types and sizes. Moreover, it provides an all-in-one platform that can be used for discussions, chats, events, files and networking.

What are the features of Mobilize?

Mobilize's list of features include:

  • Detailed Analytics to monitor the health of your community
  • Member Management to manage your community and your outreach
  • Permissions Framework to manage the roles of users and moderators
  • Group structure to segment your community into groups and subgroups
  • Integration with many third-party applications such as Stripe for payments

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Strengths of Mobilize

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