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More than ever consumers of content, goods and services want a voice within a community of others who all share a common interest. Vanilla was founded in December 2009 as an open-source project powering over 50,000 online communities. Today, Vanilla's cloud service powers thousands of businesses and is the enterprise standard for gaming, retail and high-tech organizations.

Why should you choose Vanilla forums?

With Vanilla forums, you will be able to engage with your communities and increase the loyalty of your online audience. Moreover, with this solution not only will you have forum conversations, but you can also add polls and more creative types of multimedia content.

What are the main features of Vanilla forums?

Vanilla forum's list of features include:

  • Mentions to communicate directly with a person
  • Sharing of several types of multimedia content
  • Survey and poll creation
  • Avatars
  • Automatic saving
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