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KAR Energy Saver is a software developed by SAVEE that aims to reduce the energy consumption of your computer while enhancing its performance. An average computer generates 250 kg of CO2 annually, and this application offers a 48% reduction in your machine's carbon footprint, concurrently extending the lifespan of your hardware.

The software efficiently manages the RAM consumption of all applications and processes running on your computer, ensuring they do not use memory unnecessarily. Whether your operating system utilizes your processor or not, the application maintains a constant clock speed with dynamic frequency management based on the system's needs to limit power consumption.

KAR Energy Saver goes beyond by deactivating unutilized electronic components to decrease your processor's temperature, thus extending its longevity. Additionally, the software optimally places your computer in sleep mode. This comprehensive approach makes KAR Energy Saver an indispensable tool for users seeking to balance computing performance with environmental responsibility.

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Certifications:ISO 9001

KAR Energy Saver - Data setting
KAR Energy Saver - Data setting
KAR Energy Saver - Data setting
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KAR Energy Saver - Data management

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KAR Energy Saver
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