Widin: in summary

Discover a SaaS starter dedicated to upholding best coding practices.

In search of a solution that combines the flexibility of custom code with cost control? The codebase, built with industry-leading development practices, saves CTOs two months of work from day one.

Find the features you should expect in a SaaS web app:

  • User registration and access management
  • Integrated payment functionality
  • Rapid page creation
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Scalability and code-based production management (GitOps & Infrastructure as Code)
  • Enhance maintainability with a hexagonal architecture

Tech stack: Next.js 13, React, Refine, Typescript, Nest.js, Node.js, Prisma, GraphQL, Vercel, Render.

Its benefits

Time-saving: save 2 months of development time

Quality improvement: maintainable code with hexagonal architecture

Managed costs

Widin - Screenshot 1
Widin - Screenshot 1
Widin - Screenshot 1
Widin - Screenshot 2
Widin - Screenshot 3
Widin - Screenshot 4
Widin - Screenshot 5
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Widin: its rates and features

/year /10,000 users
HTML5 App Development
Web Design
HTML Code Edition
Marketplace Creation
Web Apps Creation

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