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Siwapp is an open source invoice software that allows you to create and manage invoices in a fast and easy way. Adding Siwapp to your business or activity will allow you to increase producivity, and to focus on other things instead of worrying about invoices. Like many other open source programs, Siwapp is designed to be an ever evolving platform that works for your business. Although Siwapp only focuses on one aspect, invoices, it has a lot of different features allowing you to cover every aspect. It's free, and has the added benefit of a community of developers who are constantly improving and updating the program.

Siwapps is specfically designed for small businesses or freelancers with not a lot of bills. Compared to traditional accounting/invoice software, most open source software including Siwapp is a more self controlled platform. Meaning there's more custimization, but also more things the user has to do themselves. 

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Community of Developers

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Not as Robust as Other Programs

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