Upzelo: in summary

Upzelo is a web based platform that helps subscription businesses reduce their churn and improve their subscription retention. Upzelo kicks in a the point of cancelation to reduce churn through targeted offers and audience focused surveys. 

Upzelo contains a a game changing scoring engine that creates a real-time score based on things like subscription length and spending, so users can recognize and save high-value businesses. It offers a flow builder, which enables subscription businesses to create cancellation experiences and retention offers.

Upzelo helps users reduce churn, get better insights, find the most effective offers and increase their revenue.

Its benefits

Churn Management

Subscription Retention

Net Revenue Retention

Upzelo - Video
Upzelo - See how many customers you have saved, the revenue retained and your ROI.
Upzelo - Activity dashboard showing all performance from your cancelation flow.
Upzelo - Build specific audiences to keep your best businesses by targeting with custom offers
Upzelo - Build specific cancelation flows to help you reduce churn.
Upzelo - Surveys to help you understand why people are leaving.

Upzelo: its rates

/month /40 users
/month /50 users
On demand

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