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VIDsigner is our SaaS secure signature service for face-to-face and remote scenarios. It combines simplicity of use with the security of cryptography and biometrics. Its different signature types combine with each other to adapt to the needs of teams and individuals.

  • VIDsigner Bio: Handwritten signature in electronic format, very similar to a paper signature but with the advantages of an electronic signature.

  • VIDsigner Centralised: The use of digital certificates held and securely managed by the issuing provider or by ourselves, depending on regulatory requirements.

  • VIDsigner Remote: Signature by evidence via laptop, tablet or smartphone in which a trace is kept of the entire signature process and concludes with a unique key sent to the citizen's mobile phone.

  • VIDsigner Smartcard: Allows those who have a DNIe 3.0 to sign via NFC with their smartphone.

  • VIDsigner Stamper: Electronic stamp for automated administrative actions.

  • VIDsigner E-Delivery: VIDsigner E-Delivery is the digital alternative to burofax and certified mail, allowing greater agility and security at lower costs.

Thanks to our years of experience in the fields of cryptography, electronic certification, handwritten biometrics, cloud, mobility and legal services, our VIDsigner solution is simple to use, easy to integrate and legally sound.


VIDsigner helps you to quickly transform the way you do business

  • Strong biometrics (pressure, etc.) - ISO standard
  • Digital signature with OTC or qualified seal
  • Ensuring what you see is what you sign
  • Commonly used tablets (Android, iOS, Windows) 
  • Ease of signing offline

Advantages of VIDsigner

  • Easy integration
  • Legal compliance
  • Handwritten biometric
  • Certifications:eIDAS, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, GDPR
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List of the available languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Castilian
Electronic signature for face-to-face and remote situations.
Remote signature -
The electronic signature which can be used from anywhere
Biometric signature -
Electronic signature on Tablet for face-to-face situations.
Centralized signature -
The easiest way to sign with digital certificate

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On demand

Document Management

Add Document from Email
Bulk Signature
Document Annotation
Document Electronic Signature
Document Sharing (Files)
Document Timestamp
+ 15 other features

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