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RoomSketcher is an online tool for 2D and 3D interior modeling. It enables architectural offices and other real estate professionals to provide clients with an immersive experience.

RoomSketcher - The Modeling Tool

For architects and interior designers who have to deal with many requests, RoomSketcher offers the ability to simplify the modeling of their clients' homes and offices.

A paper plan can be imported into the application and converted into a digital model in less than 24 hours. This model includes:

  • Tailor-made elements,
  • 3D designer for windows, doors, stairs, terraces, gardens, furniture, appliances and other furnishings.
  • A plan can be processed in 2 or 3 dimensions.

RoomSketcher has a 3D modeling tool that automatically converts 2D plans into three-dimensional views.

Why Use RoomSketcher Every Day?

RoomSketcher simplifies the structural work and focuses on the details: modifying rooms, adding rooms, customizing layouts.

The 3D perspective allows you to offer your customers project rendering close to the end product. They can more easily project themselves, view their house from different angles (360° panorama) and participate in changing certain details before building the house.

It is also possible to take screenshots of the projects. They are automatically converted into realistic 3D photos.

RoomSketcher is available on computer and tablet.

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