Cloze: Gestion proactive des relations

Getting Started with Cloze

Smarter relationship management without data entry

Cloze is an all-in-one CRM enhanced with a dollop of AI to make customer relationship management easier and more effective. Never miss a deadline with smart reminders and keep in touch organically with context-aware notifications. This assistant allows you to keep all your data in one place, without needing to enter everything by hand.

Import email signatures, Linkedin profiles and more automatically to always keep your customer database up to date without spending your time on anything else than closing the best deals.

An AI-powered assistant

Cloze is both an intelligent CRM and a proactive AI assistant. Follow up on important deals and always have relevant information at hand with its powerful features, including:

  • Mobile apps, chrome plugins and flexible pricing allows you to be mobile and always meet your specific needs, not matter how big or small your company is
  • AI-enhanced features are the best way for you to nurture leads and keep in touch with clients organically
  • Templates, custom fields, automatic imports and forms free up time for the entire team by avoiding time-consuming data entry tasks and database maintenance

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Strengths of Cloze

  • A smart CRM and an AI assistant in the same package
  • The best way to save time with automatic data entry
  • Mobile, flexible and proactive

Cloze demo and screenshots

Cloze-Cloze Pipeline Cloze-Cloze Contacts

Cloze customers

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Other features of Cloze

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Cloze pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

17 /month
21 /month /user
29 /month /user
42 /month /user

Bulled annually

Bulled annually

Bulled annually

Bulled annually


Application Customization
Task Management
Marketing Automation
Email Templates
Email Tracking
Project Management
Sales Force Automation
Contact Management Editing and follow-up of contacts for a given company


Security & Confidentiality
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
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