Keap: in summary

Keap, the simple CRM for small and medium-sized companies

Keap is the solution to centralize all your operations within your company. Keap offers an environment where you can gather all the information concerning your customers. From emails and appointments to quotes and invoices in progress. 

Keap syncs automatically with Gmail and Outlook and offers a simple and intuitive interface allowing you to follow all the actions in progress with your customer or prospect. 

An interface designed for you

Keap uses a simple, mobile-friendly interface to allow you to keep track of all your customer activities, even on the go. Keap allows you to manage your business in a few clicks thanks to its numerous integrations with shopify, quickbooks invoicing, or even excel. You can even automate many marketing actions thanks to the integration of Zapier directly in Keap. 

Two offers to better meet your needs

Keap is divided into two solutions, Keap Grow and Keap Pro. 

Keap Lite 

Focused on VSEs and SMEs, Keap Lite offers all the features expected from a CRM for small businesses. We benefit from the centralized interface around the customers for better commercial management.

Keap Pro

For companies wishing to implement an effective Marketing Automation solution, wanting to refine their sales processes with a robust automated system. Improve the performance of your sales department with a powerful CRM and sales channel optimization. You will also be able to create landing pages dynamically to maximize your conversion opportunities.

Keap Max

Keap Max combines all the most powerful features such as CRM, advanced sales and marketing automation, and ecommerce to help you convert leads to customers and drive predictable sales growth. This offer includes 2500 contacts and 3 users. 


  • Lite: priced at $59 and includes 500 contacts and 1 user

  • Pro: at a price of 129$ and includes 1500 contacts and 2 users

  • Max: priced at $199 and includes 2500 contacts and 3 users

Its benefits

Easy to use

Intuitive interface

Free trial

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Keap uses a simple interface, adapted to mobile phones, to allow you to follow all the activities of your customers, even on the move. Keap also allows you to manage your activities in a few clicks thanks to its numerous integrations with Shopify, Quickbooks invoicing or even Excel. Keap will help any company automate many marketing actions with Zapier integration and improve your customer relationship management.

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