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FreshdeskKeep your agents happy, and your customers happier

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Streamlines customer service with ticketing, automation, and multi-channel support.

Freshdesk enhances customer support experiences with advanced ticketing functionality, automation tools for streamlining operations, and support across multiple channels. This platform enables businesses to manage queries more efficiently, improve agent productivity, and deliver personalized service. Its analytics feature assists in tracking performance and customer satisfaction levels. Ideal for companies looking to elevate their customer service game.

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Transparent pricing

Intuitive UI

24/7 assistance

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This software streamlines customer experience by mapping out customer journeys and touchpoints, visualizing data, and facilitating collaboration among teams.

Smaply helps businesses understand their customers better by identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement. It also allows for customization of customer journey maps and provides analytics for insights into customer behavior. Overall, Smaply is a comprehensive tool for enhancing customer experience.

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easy collaboration with your team and stakeholders

professional exports in PDF, PNG, Powerpoint and Excel

dedicated customer support

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Revolutionize your customer experience with this software that streamlines all interactions in one place.

Say goodbye to scattered customer data and hello to personalized experiences with automated workflows and real-time insights.

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Unified Front Office Platform

Integrated platform

Collaborative platform

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Enhance customer experience with real-time delivery updates and personalized messages.

Keep customers informed with automatic notifications, delivery tracking, and customizable messaging. Improve retention and loyalty with Shipup's customer experience software.

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Highly customizable

User-friendly - Drag&drop solution

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Paid version from €189.00 /year

Improve customer experience with our software that tracks customer feedback, analyzes data, and generates reports.

Hubicus Groupe BVA helps businesses enhance customer satisfaction by providing real-time feedback analysis, personalized surveys, and customizable dashboards. Its AI-powered analytics generate comprehensive reports that help businesses optimize their customer experience.

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Do It Yourself / Do It For Me

360° view of the quality

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Improve your customer experience with real-time session recording and analytics.

LiveSession's advanced software allows you to record and analyze user sessions in real-time, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and helping you optimize your website and improve overall customer experience.

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User identification & custom context

Segmentation & Advanced filtering

User's error & frustration tracking

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Boost your customer experience with advanced engagement tools that analyze data and personalize campaigns for maximum impact.

Mapp Engage offers a range of features to optimize customer engagement, including real-time data analysis, segmentation and personalization, and multichannel campaign management. With powerful automation tools, you can create and deliver targeted campaigns that resonate with your customers, driving conversions and boosting loyalty.

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Easily manage client information, create custom workout plans, and track progress with this top-rated personal trainer software.

Hexfit's intuitive interface allows for seamless scheduling and payment processing, while its extensive exercise library and progress tracking tools ensure clients stay on track towards their fitness goals.

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Complete tool for fitness professionals

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Boost your sales team's productivity with this sales enablement software. Streamline content management, automate tasks, and improve collaboration.

With this software, you can easily organise and share sales collateral, track engagement, and receive real-time analytics. Its powerful automation features ensure faster and more efficient workflows.

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Increases revenue through efficient task management

AI-powered content creation and analytics

Boosts team confidence and customer satisfaction

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Streamline financial services with this software. Manage transactions, automate workflows, and increase efficiency.

This banking and financial software offers a range of features to improve your financial services. With the ability to manage transactions, automate workflows, and increase efficiency, this software streamlines your financial processes. Whether you're a bank or financial institution, this software is designed to help you meet your needs.

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