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Features of ChurnZero

If you're looking for a good Customer Engagement software, ChurnZero will definitely take care of your needs. This software is a cloud-based customer success management platform that helps subscription companies improve their ability to understand how customers receive their products, forecast the chance of subscription renewals, and also automate the processes for improving the customer experience.

What functions does ChurnZero offer?

This IT tool frees you from the problems associated with storage, which is particularly practical for users. The information linked to the software is then stored at the ChurnZero company. There are no constraints to be taken care of regarding updates or support, it is your publisher who takes care of this. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of functions such as

  • communication management,

  • filters,

  • support (phone, email, ticket, chat),

  • reports, which are strictly necessary for Customer Engagement tasks for different uses, 

  • account management,

  • customer lifecycle management,

  • revenue management, etc.

Whether you are working on Linux, Mac, or Windows, ChurnZero will be accessible, thanks to the software as a service or SaaS model that works simply via the Internet.

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