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Zest's mission is to improve the productivity and well-being of your teams as well as to reduce turnover rate within your company. Our 360° digital solution combines via 3 main pillars, the areas you need to work on to engage your teams and help them progress: Listen, Perform and Share.

As a manager or HR, you have access to detailed reports and dashboards on your administrator interface that allow you to measure the level of engagement of employees in real time and to manage your teams in one click.

Zest's 3 pillars :

1/ Listen: Understand people : This module allows you to gather valuable insights into the true levels of engagement by listening to employees' moods, opinions, and what they really value.

Features: Mood, Engagement Meter, Polls, Key Drivers.

2/ Perform: Being able to progress : Time to boost individual and collective performance: facilitate the alignment with the company's goals and the continuous dialogue between teams and managers.

Features: Goals, Skills, Check-ins, Projects.

3/ Share: Collaborer efficacement : Finally, build a collaborative and stimulating environment by allowing your employees to share their feedback, ideas and recognition.

Features: Feedbacks, Ideas, MyZest, Company Message.

Its benefits

  • Versatility: suited for companies of all sizes/ industries
  • Founded by experts with 40+ years of industry knowledge
  • Flexible & configurable according to your needs
  • Certifications:GDPR
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Activity Monitoring
Behavioral Analysis
Connection to Live Data Sources
Custom Charts
Data Import/Export
Objectives Management
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