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Employee engagement software will you to improve the relationship between your business and your employees. An "engaged employee" is defined as a person who is completely committed to a company's project and mission and enthusiastic about his or her work. As such, he or she will naturally promote the reputation and interests of the organization. Employee engagement software can be an HR software module or an HRIS. However, they are most often independent software.

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Our selection of 13 employee engagement software

Streamline HR processes and improve employee engagement with comprehensive talent management software.

Talentsoft offers a complete suite of tools to manage recruitment, performance reviews, learning and development, and compensation. Its intuitive interface and customizable workflows make it easy to use and tailor to your organization's needs. With built-in analytics, you can measure the impact of your HR initiatives and make data-driven decisions.

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Paid version from €1.20 /month

Boost team morale and productivity with our employee recognition software. Streamline recognition processes and customize rewards to fit your company culture.

Workstars offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the recognition process, making it easy for managers and employees to give and receive recognition. With a variety of reward options and the ability to customize rewards to align with your company values, Workstars helps foster a positive work environment and improve overall employee engagement.

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Engaging 360-degree recognition

Effortless & flexible rewards

Employee, manager, leader and central analytics

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Paid version from €69.00 /month

Streamline HR tasks with an intuitive HRMS software. Manage employee data, payroll, time off, and more in one place.

With HRMS software, you can easily view and manage employee data, track time off requests, and automate payroll. Plus, streamline your hiring process with applicant tracking tools.

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A modular and scalable HRIS

A collaborative and easy to use solution

A reliable and secure software

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Pricing on request

Boost employee engagement with this software that offers pulse surveys, recognition tools, and personalized feedback.

Zestmeup's employee engagement software, Zest, empowers managers to gather real-time feedback through pulse surveys, recognize top performers with rewards, and provide personalized feedback to each employee. With an intuitive interface and data-driven insights, Zest helps teams foster a culture of engagement and productivity.

Read our analysis about Zest Benefits of Zest

Versatility: suited for companies of all sizes/ industries

Founded by experts with 40+ years of industry knowledge

Flexible & configurable according to your needs

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Streamline HR tasks & boost employee productivity with our Talent Management software.

Javelo simplifies recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and training. With a user-friendly interface, it empowers your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth. Its data-driven approach to talent management ensures that your employees are engaged and productive, while keeping your business compliant.

Read our analysis about Javelo by Tellent Benefits of Javelo by Tellent

Tools that adapt to your needs.

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Boost employee engagement with our software. Features include surveys, feedback, rewards, and recognition.

Humanagement Inc. offers a comprehensive employee engagement solution. With our software, you can conduct surveys to gather employee feedback, reward and recognize top performers, and track progress over time. Our platform helps increase employee satisfaction and retention, leading to a more productive and successful workplace.

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Pricing on request

Boost employee engagement, communication, and productivity with this SaaS software. Streamline internal communication and task management with ease.

This employee engagement software offers a user-friendly platform for team communication, task management, and collaboration. With real-time updates, mobile accessibility, and customizable features, it's easy to keep everyone on the same page and improve overall productivity.

Read our analysis about Beekeeper Benefits of Beekeeper

Centralize communications

Digitisation of internal communication

Excellent for a multi-facility company

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Pricing on request

Boost employee engagement with a powerful software that measures satisfaction, productivity, and retention rates.

With customizable surveys, real-time analytics, and action planning tools, this software empowers employers to improve workplace culture and increase employee satisfaction.

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Custom Questions

Incentive Store

Individual Employee Scores

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Paid version from €4.00 /month

Boost employee engagement with this software. Features include surveys, recognition programs, and communication tools.

Improve workplace culture with customizable surveys to gather employee feedback. Recognition programs allow for peer-to-peer recognition and rewards. Communication tools include chat, announcements, and a company newsfeed.

Read our analysis about Briq Benefits of Briq

A lot of integrations with your daily tools

A 360° engagement tool

A 100% customizable online store

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Paid version from €4.99 /month

Boost employee engagement with a SaaS software that tracks wellbeing and provides personalized recommendations.

Wellbeing Warrior's AI-powered platform monitors employee stress levels, sleep, and nutrition. The software then suggests wellness activities and resources to help employees feel supported and engaged.

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Easily Integrated

Constantly Evolving

Smart Customization

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Paid version from $2.00 /month

Boost employee engagement with our software that offers features such as recognition, feedback, and surveys.

Empuls provides a comprehensive employee engagement solution with its recognition feature that enables peer-to-peer recognition and rewards. The feedback feature allows employees to give and receive feedback, while the surveys feature helps organizations gather feedback and measure engagement levels.

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Employee Engagement Dashboard

User-friendly dashboard for your people

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Boosts employee engagement through interactive tools and analytics.

ThriveSparrow offers innovative solutions to elevate employee engagement. It features interactive tools for feedback and recognition alongside advanced analytics to measure engagement levels. Designed for companies seeking to enhance workplace harmony and productivity, it provides a user-friendly platform to support vibrant work cultures.

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Engagement Survey

Survey Templates


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Streamline HR tasks, manage employee data, and enhance engagement with this SaaS software.

Open HRMS simplifies HR processes with automated workflows, customizable forms, and self-service portals. Track attendance, leave requests, and performance evaluations on a single platform. Engage employees through company news, social recognition, and feedback channels. Increase productivity, reduce errors, and boost satisfaction with Open HRMS.

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Employee Engagement softwares: Q&A

Employee engagement software helps companies measure and improve employee satisfaction and productivity. It typically includes tools for surveys, performance tracking, and communication. By analyzing data and feedback, managers can make informed decisions to create a more engaged workforce.

Look for software with features such as pulse surveys, goal setting, recognition and rewards, performance tracking, and communication tools. Some software also includes gamification to increase participation and engagement.

Increased employee engagement leads to higher productivity, lower turnover rates, and improved customer satisfaction. Engaged employees are more likely to be motivated, committed, and loyal to their company. This can result in a positive impact on the bottom line.

Some of the best employee engagement software options include Glint, Qualtrics, and Culture Amp. These software options have a range of features to measure and improve employee engagement, and they provide actionable insights to managers.

Some free employee engagement software alternatives include SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, and TINYpulse. While these options may have limited features compared to paid software, they can still provide valuable insights and feedback from employees.