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Our selection of 6 pre-employment testing software

Bizneo ATSBoost your talent acquisition by up to 42%

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Streamline your recruitment process with intuitive software that simplifies job postings, candidate tracking, and communication.

Bizneo ATS is a powerful recruiting tool that offers customizable workflows, resume parsing, and social media integration. With features like automated job board posting and candidate ranking, you can save time and find the best candidates faster.

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Fast posting on more than 200 job portals

API integration with more than 30 world-class softwares

Video interview add-on for remote recruitment

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Streamline your hiring process with a powerful tool that assesses coding skills, automates interviews, and provides candidate insights.

Say goodbye to tedious resume screening and time-consuming technical interviews. This software offers a library of coding challenges, customizable assessments, and real-time coding interviews that help you identify top candidates quickly. Plus, detailed analytics and candidate feedback help you make informed hiring decisions.

Read our analysis about HackerRank Benefits of HackerRank

Extensive problem library and multiple language support

Ability to create custom tests.

Automated scoring saves time and ensures objective evaluations

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Streamline your hiring process with pre-employment testing software. Evaluate candidates' skills and personality traits to make better hiring decisions.

Pre-employment testing software helps you save time and money by identifying the best candidates early on. With Trimoji, you can customize tests to fit your specific needs and easily analyze results to make informed hiring decisions.

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Paid version from $249.00 /month

CodeScreen is a technical assessment platform that provides coding assessments designed to solve the challenge of accurately determining a candidate's technical skills during the hiring process.

The CodeScreen platform provides realistic and asynchronous coding assessments that are automatically graded, allowing recruiters and developers to save time while getting faster a more accurate insight into a candidate's future job performance.

Read our analysis about CodeScreen Benefits of CodeScreen

Increase Accuracy

Improve Candidate Experience

Decrease Time-to-Hire

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Paid version from €149.00 /month

Streamline hiring with pre-employment testing software. Assess coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking.

CodinGame by CoderPad offers a comprehensive solution to evaluate candidates' skills. With customizable tests and real-time coding assessments, recruiters can make informed hiring decisions.

Read our analysis about CodinGame by CoderPad Benefits of CodinGame by CoderPad

Easy to use: create a test no matter your tech skills

Great candidate experience with high completion rates

Reliable anti-fraud system and processes

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Streamline your hiring process with pre-employment testing software. Quickly assess candidates' skills and fit for your company.

Save time and resources by using software that provides a comprehensive evaluation of candidates. Customize tests to fit your needs and receive instant results to make informed hiring decisions.

Read our analysis about Wonscore from Wonderlic Benefits of Wonscore from Wonderlic

Super friendly-user interface

Easy to learn and to master

A month free demo

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Pre-employment Testing softwares: Q&A

A pre-employment testing software works by assessing job applicants' skills, knowledge, and abilities through various tests and assessments. These tests can be customized based on the job requirements and can range from cognitive ability tests to personality assessments.

When looking for pre-employment testing software, you should look for features such as test customization, candidate tracking, and result analysis. You should also ensure that the software is compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Pre-employment testing can benefit your company by improving the quality of hires, reducing turnover rates, and increasing employee productivity. It can also help identify candidates with the right skills and personality traits for the job.

The best pre-employment testing software options include Criteria Corp, eSkill, and TalentSorter. These software solutions offer a range of tests and assessments, customizable to the job requirements, and provide detailed reports on candidate performance.

There are several free pre-employment testing software alternatives available, including ProProfs Quiz Maker, SurveyMonkey, and Google Forms. These software solutions offer basic testing and assessment features, but may not offer the same level of customization or result analysis as paid options.