Holiday Management Software

In order to better manage your employees' schedules, choose an HR software, specifically a holiday management software, that handles the balance of leave, absence requests, the absence validation circuit, the forecast management of counters, etc.

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Our selection of 9 holiday management software

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Streamline your time tracking with this user-friendly software. Easily log hours, track projects, and generate reports.

With Bizneo Time Manager, you can set up automatic reminders, assign tasks to team members, and track billable hours for clients. The software also offers integration with popular project management tools for seamless workflow.

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Complete 5-tool system in 1

Local or remote and multi-device management

100% digital or physical biometric devices

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Streamline your employee time-off requests with efficient holiday management software. Simplify absence tracking, approvals, and reporting.

Say goodbye to manual leave management! With our software, you can easily manage employee time off, track accruals, and automate approval workflows. Plus, enjoy real-time reporting and analytics to optimize your HR processes.

Read our analysis about Eurécia Congés & Absences Benefits of Eurécia Congés & Absences

Save time on leave management

Ensure the reliability of management processes

Improve HR tracking

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Paid version from €5.00 /month

Streamline your holiday management with software that automates leave requests, tracks employee time off, and generates reports.

Gadael's Holiday Management software simplifies HR tasks, reduces admin time, and ensures compliance with labor laws. The intuitive interface allows employees to request leave, view their remaining time off, and check their schedule. Managers can approve or deny requests, monitor staff availability, and generate custom reports.

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Streamline holiday requests, approvals & tracking with a cloud-based solution. Automate accruals, manage quotas & track attendance in real-time.

Nereo Congés makes it easy to manage employee time off. With advanced features like customizable accruals, quota management, and real-time attendance tracking, you can simplify the process of requesting and approving holidays. Plus, the cloud-based software ensures that your team can access their information from anywhere, at any time.

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Effortlessly manage employee vacations and leave requests with our intuitive Holiday Management software.

Our software streamlines the process of requesting and approving time off, allowing you to easily track employee availability and avoid scheduling conflicts. With customizable permissions and automatic accrual calculations, Azuneed RH - Planning congés simplifies the management of employee leave.

Read our analysis about Azuneed RH - Planning congés Benefits of Azuneed RH - Planning congés

Integration with all payroll software

Connected native mobile apps

Best market price and no commitment

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Paid version from €24.00 /month

Automate holiday management, track employee time off, and approve requests with ease.

Timebutler streamlines the holiday management process by eliminating manual tasks, such as tracking employee time off and approving requests. With automated workflows, managers can view and approve requests in real-time, reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts.

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Streamline your holiday management. Automate leave requests, approvals, and tracking with our software.

AbsenceSoft makes managing employee time off a breeze. With customizable workflows, detailed reporting, and integrations with HR systems, you can easily monitor and track absences. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to increased productivity.

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Streamline your holiday management with easy-to-use software. Manage employee vacation requests, approvals, and schedules all in one place.

HR Partner's Holiday Management software simplifies the process of tracking employee vacation time. With real-time updates and automated approvals, you can ensure that your team stays on track while avoiding scheduling conflicts. Say goodbye to paper forms and spreadsheets and hello to a more efficient way of managing employee time off.

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Streamline holiday management with our cloud-based software. Easily manage requests, approvals, and tracking.

Kissflow HR Cloud simplifies holiday management for businesses of all sizes. With our software, you can easily manage employee requests, approvals, and tracking. Our cloud-based solution ensures that all information is stored securely and accessible from anywhere. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to streamlined holiday management.

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Holiday Management software: purchase guide

What is Holiday Management Software?


holiday management software facilitates and automates your employees' leave and absence planning procedures. The main functional features are: 

  • Planning for each employee, management of absence requests to modify, validate or refuse requests
  • Real-time monitoring of meter balances (RTT, recovery, seniority, etc.)
  • Provisional management of paid holidays, export of data to payroll, etc. 

Holiday management is an essential step in managing your staff. Your problems will be solved with a suitable online software!

How Does it Work?

The SaaS holiday management tool allows you to access it from a web browser (PC) or a mobile application (tablet and smartphone).

Each employee has online access to a personalized interface to perform actions:

  • Employees complete leave and absence request forms and submit them to their supervisors
  • Managers view leave and absence requests submitted by their N-1s, observe the company's or department's schedule and decide to validate or reject requests
  • HR managers and other HR administrators customize the application and manage the payroll

What are the Main Features of a Holiday Management Software?

HR self-service

All company employees have online access to the application (Web and mobile) to observe their holiday balance in real-time.

They can access an interactive calendar and view the holidays taken by their colleagues. Holidays are displayed by type (CP, RTT, splitting, etc.) and status (validated, or to be validated).

Based on this information, they plan their leave and absence:

  • Select a departure and return date
  • Complete a form that contains: name, duration, type of leave and any comments
  • Submit the request to the N+1

Validating a leave request automatically notifies the HR manager by email. This email contains:

  • The request
  • The applicant's leave balance
  • The team's schedule at the time of the request

A validated request updates the leave account of the employee to whom it applies to. An online dashboard centralizes all information related to their absences:

  • Leave balance by type: acquired, taken, validated, subject to validation
  • Ongoing requests (which can be cancelled)
  • Absence history

Managing holidays: The HR Portal

Human Resource Managers have a special interface to manage requests submitted by their employees:

  • One by one or in list form, they visualize the requests (type, duration, comments)
  • An interactive calendar allows you to observe the planning of the company or a particular department at the time of each request
  • A click allows you to validate or reject a request. The employee concerned is automatically notified 

Of course, members of the human resources department can submit their leave information on the application, validate it themselves or submit it to their supervisor.

Managing the Payroll: The Administrator Portal

The Human Resources Manager has a customized interface to view reports and performance indicators (KPIs) to manage staff:

  • Duration, frequency and reasons for recurring leave
  • Absenteeism rate
  • Breakdown of absences by gender, nature, services, etc.

As an administrator, HR managers can customize the application to perfectly illustrate the company's leave and absence policy:

  • Add, modify, delete certain contracts or types of leave
  • Add special periods on the team schedule: school holidays, weeks without possible holidays, etc.
  • Define a multi-level approval workflow for certain profiles or requests, etc.

These tools are highly configurable. They manage all agreements and absences: work interruptions, time savings accounts (TSAs), leave in workdays, splitting, etc.

Simplify the Administrative Management of Holidays

Leave and absence management software can be easily integrated into the organization's internal HRIS:

  • Absences are automatically transferred to the payroll software (Sage, Ebp, Cegid, etc.) to generate the pay statement.
  • The counting of restaurant vouchers can be automated (from days of availability) and the order can be placed with a simple click

Who Uses Holiday Tracking Software?

Holiday management software is used by all organizations: VSEs, SMEs, large groups, international groups, public administrations, etc.

Internally, 3 user profiles are distinguished:

  • Employees who request leave
  • Managers who handle requests
  • Human resources executives who are responsible for the payroll

In small and medium-sized structures, the role of manager and director is generally confused.

Why Use Holiday Management Software?

These HR software programs simplify the time-consuming administrative management of absences. However, these tools have some disadvantages.


  • Formalization of the leave request process
  • Fewer errors related to the processing of oral or paper requests
  • Statistics
  • Saving time and productivity for managers who easily manage leave requests, even when traveling
  • Automatic calculation of the remaining leave balance for each employee
  • Visibility of the company's planning and services
  • Possibility to manage leave and absence of international companies 


  • Using a mobile application on the move requires a constant and high-quality internet connection
  • Perfect interoperability with an HRIS can limit the choice or force a company to use the module offered by the HRIS software developer even if the tool does not perfectly meet the needs. 

How to Choose a Holiday Management Software?

Choosing a leave and absence management tool is not a choice to be made lightly. Several criteria are to be integrated into the search:

  • The ergonomics of the software must be simple, intuitive
  • The presence of a mobile application can be a plus when employees travel a lot
  • Interoperability with HRIS may be essential for important structures
  • The overall cost of the solution must be evaluated: the price is generally based on the number of users

Holiday Management softwares: Q&A

A holiday management software automates the process of managing employee leave requests, approvals, and tracking. It allows employees to request time off, and managers can approve or deny requests based on availability and business needs. The software also keeps track of employee leave balances and generates reports.

When looking for holiday management software, look for features such as online leave requests, approval workflows, leave balance tracking, calendar integration, and reporting capabilities. Additionally, consider if the software can handle different types of leave, such as sick leave and personal time off.

Holiday management software provides several benefits for companies, including simplified leave management, streamlined approval processes, reduced administrative tasks, increased transparency, and improved employee satisfaction. Additionally, it helps ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Some of the best holiday management software options include BambooHR, Zenefits, Gusto, and TimeOffManager. Each of these software options offers features such as online leave requests, approval workflows, and leave balance tracking. Additionally, they integrate with other HR software systems.

Some free holiday management software alternatives include Leave Planner, TimeOff, and Calamari. These software options offer basic features such as online leave requests, approval workflows, and leave balance tracking. However, they may have limitations compared to paid options, such as fewer integrations and customization options.