PayFit: in summary

Payfit is a cloud based payroll management software that allows human resources managers to increase productivity. PayFit seamlessly digitizes and simplifies workforce management such as time and attendance as well as HR processes for companies. Fast, intuitive and automated, the PayFit solution allows employers to easily manage payroll on its own, saving valuable time and money (usually spent on editing payslips, social statement support, expense reports, leave, insurance, employee benefits, etc.). Employees have access to a dedicated online space for payslips, leave requests, expense report entry, HR data, etc.

Intended for SMEs, this payroll service supports:

  • Pay slips
  • Social contributions
  • Employee leave and absence
  • Expense reports

Automate the Printing of Pay Slips and Social Contributions

Available online, Payfit automates the process of creating and sending monthly pay slips to employees. Beforehand, the HR manager simply defines:

  • The date of sending the pay slip
  • The employee's salary and other benefits (bonuses, benefits, etc.)

Payfit automatically generates and calculates the organisation's social contributions.

Remote payment is available to simplify the administrative tasks of managers.

More Reliable, Faster and Cheaper

No need to be an expert, PayFit makes payroll services accessible to everyone with its highly intuitive interface and team of experts at your disposal.

Need a summary of salaries or contributions? You will have a global view of your company and can download your accounting exports or payroll records at any time.

Your employees also have an employee self service that is easy to learn and use anytime anywhere, on which they can:

  • Fill in their personal information
  • Check their pay slips
  • Ask for their paid leave
  • Enter their expense reports

PayFit's priority: to guarantee reliability and security. PayFit is automatically verified and updated to ensure the accuracy of your payroll processing. Your data and information are encrypted and backed up, guaranteeing integrity, authenticity and confidentiality at all times.

This payroll system offers many advantages, and is ideal for companies that want to simplify their employees' payment and provide them with a better payroll experience.

The company's ambition is to support the digital transformation of a business’s human resources through a reliable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution providing a unique experience to its users.

PayFit is experiencing hyper-growth, employing more than 40 employees including payroll experts and has already attracted almost 600 customers including Save, Lendix, Big Mamma, Heetch, Zenly and Sellsy.

To accelerate its development, PayFit raised €5m from Xavier Niel and other investors in October 2016 and €14m from the global investment fund Accel Partners in July 2017.

Its benefits

Certifications:GDPR, ISO 27001

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