Personio: in summary

Personio is a groundbreaking all-in-one HR management solution tailored to revolutionize small to medium-sized businesses’ HR practices. 

It's designed to offer unparalleled freedom in managing HR tasks that truly matter. This platform streamlines various functions while addressing every HR aspect, such as:

  • job creation and job board diffusion,
  • recruitment and applicant tracking (ATS),
  • onboarding,
  • personnel management,
  • resource control,
  • payroll,
  • schedule oversight,
  • document handling,
  • absence management, etc.

This versatile tool centralizes data for optimal management and planning, allowing users to truly focus on the human part of HR.

In addition, the cloud-based framework ensures accessibility, automatic updates, and seamless operation, making Personio an essential tool for long-term productivity and efficiency in HR processes.

Its benefits

A streamlined HR Management tool

A comprehensive platform centralizing all HR functions

Recruitment and Absence Management Proficiency

Certifications:eIDAS, GDPR, ISO 27001

Its disadvantages

Some functions require extra cost, such as the access to public API

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Appvizer's opinion

Through our testing, we have found Personio to be a standout choice, surpassing even high-end alternatives we explored, in certain aspects. 

The platform excels in user-friendliness, a factor we appreciate as we seek the minimal training required for effective use. 

With the integration into other of our systems being seamless, we are meeting our basic HR needs effectively, and features like the organizational chart add value to our employees and HR management. In addition, being a comprehensive platform, centralizing every HR function, is a must for a full-remote company like Appvizer. No more switching between software, we could not wish for better!

Support from Personio's team is another highlight that we can undoubtedly describe as fast, friendly, and helpful.

Overall, the use of Personio benefits everyone in the organization, from our employees to the managers.

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Personio: its rates

Personio offers 2 pricing plans, based on the features you are looking for. The final price of each plan will depend on several factors, such as the number of employees at your company, or the chosen extra features. They advise users: “Pick a plan that works for you then customise your feature choices”!

  • Core Plan is the basic plan, including features such as:
    • Organizational management,
    • preliminary payroll,
    • the creation and management of 1 legal entity,
    • reporting and analytics,
    • workflows and automation,
    • access and permissions,
    • core apps, etc.
    • Core Pro Plan allows you to access all the features, without any limit:
      • Unlimited legal entities,
      • access of all the smart features of Core Apps,
      • Okta and Microsoft Entra ID integrations,
      • Access to Public API, etc.

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    Personio: the complete test

    With such a wide range of features, it appeared to us that Personio was perfect for small to medium-sized companies.

    Because we all work remotely at Appvizer, we appreciate such a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform, making our HR processes far smoother.

    Streamlined HR Management

    During our testing of Personio, we were particularly struck by its impressive capability to streamline HR management processes. This platform distinguishes itself with an inherently intuitive interface, which we found to be less complex and more user-centric compared to other systems we used. The straightforward nature of the interface meant that our team could quickly adapt to the software, noticeably reducing the time and resources we usually allocate for training new software.

    A notable aspect of our experience with Personio was how it simplified complex HR tasks. Whether it was managing employee records, processing leave requests, or overseeing performance evaluations, each function is seamlessly integrated into a cohesive system.

    We observed a reduction in administrative overhead, as tasks that previously required navigating through multiple systems or dealing with cumbersome paperwork could now be managed effortlessly within Personio. This consolidation of tasks not only made our HR processes smoother but also improved our overall productivity.

    Personio's ability to streamline HR management was further highlighted by its customization options. We were able to adapt the software to our organizational needs, which is a significant advantage over more rigid systems. This flexibility ensured that we could tailor the platform to our specific requirements, enhancing its effectiveness in our HR operations.

    Efficient Integration and Information Centralization

    The software’s ability to connect with various platforms effortlessly was particularly noteworthy. We successfully integrated Personio with essential tools like Google Calendar and Endered One, which greatly streamlined our operations. For instance, handling luncheon vouchers, which was once a cumbersome task, became markedly easier and more efficient.

    Another impressive aspect of Personio is its role as a centralized hub for HR information. The platform’s centralization significantly outperforms traditional methods such as SharePoint, both in terms of user-friendliness and operational efficiency. This centralization was a key factor in enhancing our overall HR management experience. With all employee information and HR processes consolidated in one place, we noticed a substantial reduction in the time spent on data management and retrieval.

    The organizational chart feature of Personio particularly caught our attention. It provides a clear and comprehensive view of the employee structure within our organization, which we found to be immensely helpful. This feature facilitated better management and communication, as we could easily understand team dynamics and reporting relationships.

    From onboarding new employees to managing leave requests and conducting performance reviews, each task became less isolated.

    Recruitment and Absence Management Proficiency

    Its capabilities in recruitment and absence management were particularly impressive. The recruitment tool within Personio stood out for its simplicity and effectiveness. We found the process of creating job advertisements to be straightforward and intuitive. Managing applications and communicating with applicants was equally efficient, which not only made the work of our HR team more manageable but also enhanced the experience for our candidates, leaving them with a positive impression of our company.

    The aspect of the tool that significantly streamlined our recruitment process was its ability to organize and track the status of various candidates. We were able to view the entire recruitment pipeline at a glance, making it easier to assess and progress with our hiring decisions.

    The user-friendly nature of the absence management was a major benefit to our HR and accounting departments. Managing leaves and absences became a much more streamlined process, thanks to Personio’s comprehensive reporting capabilities. These reports provided us with valuable insights into attendance patterns and helped us make informed decisions regarding staffing and resource allocation.

    We particularly appreciated the extent to which the absence management feature reduced our administrative burden. The automated processes for handling leave requests and tracking absences saved our team considerable time and effort, which could then be redirected towards more strategic HR initiatives.

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