Bizneo Time Manager: in summary

Software for the complete management of hours worked, overtime, vacations and shifts.  

Bizneo Time Management is a cloud-based software that integrates 5 key tools: Time Tracker, vacations or PTO, work shifts, attendance and access control, and overtime management. All in a single, powerful and easy-to-use tool.

It is an alternative that allows you to achieve management in both 100% online environments or those that require the use of devices such as turnstiles or scanners. What are its outstanding features?

  • 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Geolocalized clocking detection system
  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • Portal to each worker to request vacations, events, receive alerts and more
  • One-click report export and legal validity.

Companies such as Vivanta, SEAT, Gamelearn, Hawkers, Adecco, Porcelanona, Civitatis, among others, are part of the hundreds of companies that already use Bizneo technology for Human Resources management in 14 countries.

What can you do with Bizneo Time Management?

With Bizneo HR tools you can improve by 47% the time spent on presence management in your organization. We tell you how:

Time and attendance control

Personalize the workday record with a completely flexible clocking-in app.

Apply more restrictive measures:

  • Stopwatch / Working hours counter.
  • IP restriction
  • Geolocation

Or more flexible and simple.

  • One-click expected clocking
  • Massive weekly registration
  • Flexible entry and exit

Management of overtime and additional hours

Keep track the hours worked and overtime with customizable rules.

  • Types of overtime
  • Hour pool generation
  • Approval flow
  • Compensation rules

Vacations and absences

A self-manageable staff absence control software that facilitates the day-to-day running of the office. No templates, emails or conversations that no one remembers.

  • Automatically calculate vacation days by agreement and contract.
  • Attach supporting documents to leave requests.
  • Avoid vacation overlaps thanks to a calendar per employee or per team.

Shift management

Forget the corkboard or Excel with the work calendar. Have your team coordinated from anywhere, monitor their hours worked and notify them of any changes instantly.

  • Comparison of contracted and actual working hours
  • Easily assign schedules by position or department
  • Automatically generate rotating shifts
  • Each employee receives their work schedule on their mobile in a matter of seconds
  • Create rotating shift templates and simplify the scheduling process
  • Assign and edit shifts to groups of employees with a couple of clicks

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Its benefits

Complete 5-tool system in 1

Local or remote and multi-device management

100% digital or physical biometric devices


Bizneo Time Manager - Screenshot 1
Bizneo Time Manager - Screenshot 1
Bizneo Time Manager - Screenshot 1
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