Remote: in summary

Remote helps companies of all sizes employ global teams for a low flat rate. Handles payroll, taxes, benefits, options, and compliance in countries around the world.

Global HR management made easy

Remote is the most flexible and reliable way for your business to access dedicated professional HR teams all over the world. Access local services to avoid costly compliance mistakes and reach out to the best talents worldwide.

The intuitive tools offered by Remote allow employees to enjoy a wide range of accessible services, from onboarding to offboarding. Boost your employer brand by providing the best experience.

World-class HR expertise and experience

Remote is designed with global companies in mind and has features tailored for their every need. These include:

  • A global network of seasoned experts to assist you no matter where your operations take place
  • Reinforced safeguards to ensure your IP is protected
  • Seamless employee experience at all stages, with a self-service platform
  • Automated solutions to manage benefits, taxes and payroll in multiple currencies
  • Custom reports to track performance
  • 24/7 customer service

These features come at a flat price to keep your budget in check, no matter how your HR
needs may evolve.

Global Security and Compliance

  • International Infrastructure: We fully own local legal entities in every country where we operate. That means no third party dealing with your employees, your finances, or your sensitive data

  • Remote IP Guard: Your intellectual property deserves the best protection available. That s why we created Remote IP Guard. When you employ a global team, no one safeguards your IP like Remote
  • Zero Hidden Fees: Get access to Remotes leading global employment solutions for a low flat rate. Pricing ranges from $299-599 per employee per month, depending on your country selection. No fees, percentages, extras, or surprises. Pay annually or monthly with no long-term commitments.

Global Employment Services

  • Employer of Record: Legally, you must use a local entity to employ workers in another country. Because Remote owns all our entities, we can employ team members on your behalf in their home country to help you grow your team across the globe. We handle the paperwork so you can focus on your people.

  • Global Payroll: With our local payroll experts and streamlined software, Remote makes it easy to run payroll for your employees and contractors abroad. Your employees can expect the smoothest, simplest experience from our easy-to-use platform and best-in-class support.

  • Customized Global Benefits: Offer your employees the benefits they love . Remote can help you offer benefits packages that delight your team and fulfill all the requirements of different local laws. 
  • Local Compliance and Tax: Complying with laws in one country is hard enough. With Remote, you can rest easy while we handle all your compliance and tax needs no matter where you hire.
  • Hiring Contractors: Whether you have contractors , full-time employees, or both, Remote is here to help. We never charge our customers extra exchange fees, bank fees, transfer fees, or any other fees when you pay international contractors.
    Employ anyone, anywhere with Remote!

Its benefits

Consolidate payroll processing across multiple countries

Ensure your IP and invention rights are fully protected

Get support from local HR and legal experts, no third-party

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Remote: its rates

Remote Talent
/month /user
Contractor Management +
/month /user
Contractor Management
Employer of Record
/month /unlimited users
Global Payroll
/month /user

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