Cegid Digitalrecruiters: in summary

Designed specifically for multi-site organisations with more than 250 employees, Cegid Digitalrecruiters is the ideal recruitment tool for speeding up and simplifying recruitment. This ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, software stands out for its ability to enhance the candidate experience while optimising the collaboration and efficiency of HR teams.

Used by giants such as Franprix and Decathlon, Cegid Digitalrecruiters offers key functionalities such as :

  • a full-featured career site editor that makes it easy to build a real website,

  • a recruitment CRM for communicating en masse or individually with your candidates,

  • a mobile recruitment application so you can carry out all your recruitment activities on the move,

  • a dematerialisation module to save time in the recruitment application process,

Together, they transform the recruitment process into a seamless, integrated experience.

Whether you are the managing director of a multi-brand company, the manager of a sales network or a human resources manager, Cegid Digitalrecruiters is the key to helping you recruit, whatever your industry:

  • commerce and retail

  • personal services

  • industry

  • banking and insurance

  • healthcare

  • transport and logistics,

  • tourism, hotels and catering,

  • B2B services,

  • and construction and public works.

Its benefits

Significantly improve the candidate experience

Optimised collaboration between HR managers

A complete mobile application for mobile recruitment

Certifications:PCI-DSS, ISO 27001

Its disadvantages

Less suitable for small companies with fewer than 50 employees

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Appvizer's opinion

Our evaluation of Cegid Digitalrecruiters reveals an ATS that is perfectly suited to SMEs and large multi-branch companies, regardless of industry. In fact, the platform is perfectly suited to a B2B company such as ours.

One of the things we appreciated most was the intuitiveness of the dashboards and the collaborative interface, which simplify the management of applications and the steering of the entire process, which is essential in a dynamic recruitment environment. 

What's more, the integrated mobile application and advanced communication functionalities enable us to respond immediately and appropriately. This is a crucial element in capturing the best candidates quickly, as well as reinforcing our brand image and optimising conversions.

In short, Cegid Digitalrecruiters is a robust and comprehensive solution, ideal when, like us, you're looking to optimise your recruitment process while improving the overall experience for candidates and all your staff involved in recruitment.

Clearly, this all-in-one approach makes it a preferred choice for large organisations looking to streamline and centralise their recruitment.

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Cegid Digitalrecruiters: its rates

Cegid Digitalrecruiters is available on quotation, depending on : 

  • modules,
  • functionalities,

Don't hesitate to ask for a demo!

On demand

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Cegid Digitalrecruiters: the complete test

To provide you with an authentic and detailed perspective on the effectiveness of Cegid Digitalrecruiters, we conducted a series of rigorous tests, exploring each key feature in real recruitment scenarios.

So here's our in-depth feedback on this comprehensive ATS.

The Career Site Editor

Our experience with Cegid Digitalrecruiters' career site editor has been revealing in its potential to radically transform candidates' first impressions, making it a particularly valuable asset.

By customizing every detail, from the design to the content of the site, we are able to reflect the values and culture of our company. By reinforcing our brand image in this way, we can attract a wider spectrum of qualified candidates.

With drag and drop, we can add themed blocks in just a few clicks, the ones we want and the way we want them. We have complete control over the content, as well as the form, and there's no difficulty in getting to grips with it.

The advanced customization features have enabled us to highlight key elements that allow candidates to project themselves, such as :

  • testimonials from employees and managers
  • the unique benefits of being an Appvizer employee,
  • key figures and brand names,
  • images and videos presenting the company.

The ability to update instantly and the integration of social networks have enhanced our visibility and appeal, resulting in a significant increase in engagement on our recruitment platform.

One of the strengths of the careers site is the integrated SEO, and at Appvizer, SEO is at the very heart of our business. The careers site is natively optimized and the ads are Google for Jobs compatible. Not only will your site always appear at the top of the Google results, but your ads will also be available in the Google search results, attracting even more candidates.

As an added bonus, the careers site is available in 12 languages! For us, who work in several languages, this is a real time-saver. What's more, the site is suitable for both PCs and mobile devices, so our potential candidates can access it anytime, anywhere.

As a bonus, the careers site is available in 12 languages! For us, who work in several languages, this is a real time-saver. What's more, the site is suitable for both PCs and mobile devices, so our potential candidates can access it anytime, anywhere.

The complete ATS that Optimizes Recruitment

By integrating Cegid Digitalrecruiters' ATS into our daily workflow, we have seen a significant improvement in the efficiency and productivity of our recruiters and all recruitment-related processes.

Even before we receive applications, with 360° sourcing, we can multi-diffuse our offers on :

  • more than 3,500 careers sites (through the integration of multiple publishers),
  • social networks,
  • QR code posters, etc,

After this stage, Cegid Digitalrecruiters efficiently manages the flow of applications from various sources, both external job boards and our careers site, bringing all the information together in a single interface.

At the same time, the platform analyses and categorizes all the CV data to make it usable, without us even needing to enter it all manually. And paper CVs are not put aside; we simply scan them and they join our database.

Centralizing information allows us to make better decisions, as well as quickly know the status of the recruitment process, which is itself personalized for each candidate:

  • the decisions made for each candidate
  • the progress of interviews (physical, video or deferred),
  • follow-up of exchanges.

This consolidation of data has enabled more in-depth analysis and better decision-making.

The automation tools and mass management of actions have freed our recruiters from repetitive administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on value-added activities such as interviews and strategic interactions with potential candidates.

In addition, operational teams can access recruitment information. Depending on the rights we have defined, users can accept requests and validate steps - what better way to involve every stakeholder in the choice of the ideal candidate?

Candidate Management Through an Enhanced Recruitment CRM

The distinctive aspect of Cegid Digitalrecruiters is its integrated system, which combines the functionalities of an ATS with a robust recruitment CRM, designed to be driven by HR to serve the different entities of the organization.

This advanced platform has enabled us to manage recruitment and manage our candidate database effectively, regardless of the number of users, brands, sites or countries involved. It adapts perfectly to the complexity and diversity of our global structure, ensuring fluid, centralized management of interactions with all our candidates and managers involved.

Candidate tracking and segmentation capabilities (both from within an ad's application management and within the candidate pool) have helped us to identify and target specific groups for personalized recruitment campaigns. The integrated analytics capabilities provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of our ad content and sourcing, allowing us to adjust our methods based on application volumes and candidate engagement rates.

Overall, our trial period with Cegid Digitalrecruiters has been extremely successful. Not only has the tool improved our ability to manage large-scale recruitment effectively, but it has also delivered tangible improvements in terms of candidate interaction and satisfaction.

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