Hirint: in summary

Hirint is a cutting-edge platform designed to evaluate soft skills, aiming to effectively pinpoint the best candidates for your company. By leveraging technology, Hirint ensures that the talent you hire is the best fit for each specific position.

In today's business landscape, candidate selection goes beyond merely reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. It's essential to understand a candidate's soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability, to ensure they integrate well into the company culture and contribute to the team's success. Hirint addresses this need by providing a comprehensive platform that not only assesses these skills but also offers valuable insights for informed hiring decisions. 

Features of Hirint

  • Efficient Soft Skills Evaluation: Harness the power of Hirint to discover the talent that aligns perfectly with each role through a comprehensive assessment of soft skills.

  • Time Efficiency: Expedite your hiring process and save up to 50% of the time typically spent on recruiting candidates.

  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Boost the candidate experience by up to 70%, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring journey.

  • Reduced Turnover: Decrease unwanted turnover in the first 6 months by up to 30%.

  • Bias Minimization: Reduce hiring biases by up to 70%, fostering a fair and equitable recruitment process.

  • Quick Assessment: Candidates can complete the Hirint test in under 15 minutes, allowing for rapid evaluation.

  • Data-Driven Selection: Rely on scientifically backed, bias-free data to select the best talent.

Benefits of Using Hirint

  • Streamlined Hiring: Find the ideal candidate for your company in just three clicks, simplifying the recruitment process.

  • Scientific Approach: Hirint's methodologies are underpinned by science, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

  • Bias-Free Evaluation: With Hirint, you can ensure a fair and unbiased assessment of all candidates.

  • Video Interviews: Utilize video interviews to streamline the hiring process, allowing for more efficient and focused interviews.

  • Enhanced Onboarding: Beyond just hiring, ensure that new employees integrate seamlessly into your company with a robust onboarding process.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Analysis: Monitor and analyze all recruitment processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Its benefits

Short scientific assessments


Detailed reports

Hirint - Video
Hirint - Home screen when you have an active evaluation process where it tells you key data.
Hirint - Ranking that appears to the company, appears who made it, who did not, the time of duration, the score obtained and access to the report of the candidate
Hirint - Example of a candidate report, the selected competencies appear with the score obtained.

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