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Mitrefinch is an enterprise Time and Attendance system that handles Employee Absence Management, Time and Paid Time Off Tracking, Mobile Workforce Management and Project and Tasks assigning on different locations (GEO fencing). This will mitigate operational Labor Costs, Overtime, Time Theft, Complex Scheduling Requirements. Our system is designed to handle the most complex cases, work rules, union rules and business regulations. Mitrefinch also provides an Automated Rostering and Scheduling process that manages employee hours, shifts schedules, staff availability and skills in real time. Mitrefinch helps Trace and Track Employees based on restraints including COVID-19.  Cloud based software comes with a good range of Time Clocks to choose from: facial recognition and thermal screening, swipe cards, proximity cards, biometric fingerprint clocks, mobile and web based clockings. The solutions are best suited for midsize and large companies with 100- 10 000 employees

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Strengths of Mitrefinch

  • automated time and attendance
  • geo fencing and gps tracking
  • automated employee scheduling

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Overtime Management
Time Off & Leave Tracking
People Management
Clock in, Clock out
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