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Apphitect IM is an instant app messaging solution that has provided white-label solutions to acclaimed brands across the world. It has used multiple credible technical stacks to build its solution. Erlang - a source code known for its consistent UI performance; Ejabberd - an XMPP application server with laudable compatible performance and low CPU consumption; FreeBSD operating system that has been acclaimed for its inclination to capacitate advanced networking, security, and storage features; HTML5 WebSocket - a bidirectional communication technology; are some of the most renowned source codes availed to construct the solution. Thus, Apphitect IM is a solution that facilitates its users to create their own chat app that is on par with leading messaging apps like WhatsApp and Wechat. Moreover, the solution uses Amazon web service for its cloud storage essentials. This ensures that the storage volume is highly scalable, making the entire platform more flexible and secure beyond the primary 3 tier security of end-to-end encryption, data exchanges being screened through HMAC authentication and a two-step verification with both online and offline methods to ensure data records are safe. The above the board chat SDK authorization enables the users to build their messaging solution both on Android and iOS crowned with enticing features.

Apphitect IM - How to Build a Chat / Messaging App Like WhatsApp, Viber & WeChat?
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