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Setting a complex password for each account and web application and sharing it with employees can be time-consuming and risky. 1Password is an online password manager that simplifies this process.

A tool that creates complex passwords for you

1Password centralizes all of the passwords used by your employees: professional accounts, social networks, emails, etc.

Moreover, it allows you to create a complex password for each application, save it in the manager and then you no longer have to remember the password because 1Password does it for you!

From the interface of the tool, employees can click on an icon and connect to an application. On their browser, 1Password completes the fields to log them in.

Protect your accounts with a password manager

Using a password manager such as 1Password simplifies access sharing. Employees can connect to the various professional tools used without ever seeing the password.

They also have a personal space where they can save their personal identifiers. All they have to do is remember the manager's password to access all their tools, sites and applications.

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