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Enjoy your own cloud services

Nutanix makes the complexity of cloud infrastructures invisible so you can focus on making the most out of your own cloud platform. Store all your apps, data and services in the cloud and make the jump to a modern IT infrastructure. Apps can be run at scale and stay accessible from anywhere.

Bring down barriers and help your teams collaborate on a reliable shared infrastructure. Run tests on a virtual environment in minutes. Scale your workloads easily and free up time for your engineers to give their best on important projects rather than maintenance tasks.

Leverage the power of the cloud to transform your business

Nutanix offers an affordable way for companies to enjoy a flexible, powerful and simple multi-cloud computing platform.

  • Run any app and cloud service from a single, unified platform available for the whole company
  • Simplify complex IT operations down to a single click thanks to machine learning-powered technologies
  • Scale your business efficiently by deploying new apps and services globally in minutes

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