Shopery: in summary

Versatile and scalable marketplaces

We empower leading ventures and brands to build and scale their marketplaces through our SaaS solution.

Our mission is to allow marketplace owners to focus fully on managing and scaling the marketplace, lifting the burden of managing the technology. Indeed our SaaS streamlines marketplace design and launch, as well as simplifies daily marketplace operations, such as seller, catalogue and commission management.

Product highlights:

  • Simplified operations

We simplify marketplace operations with a solution 100% conceived for the multi-seller business.

  • Data intelligence

Our solution provides analytics for decision-making, as well as valuable information to put in place effective marketing & sales campaigns.

  • Sales oriented

We provide solutions to increase the sales of the marketplace and maximize the monetization of the project

  • Robust technology

We guarantee exceptional performance and permanent uptime supporting high growth rates

Its benefits

Simplified operations

Monetization first

Robust technology


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Shopery - Screenshot 1
Shopery - Screenshot 1
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Shopery: its rates

On demand
On demand
On demand

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