DoliCloud ERP & CRM: The easy to use software for your business

DoliCloud is an easy to use Open Source suite for small and medium businesses. It provides feature of Enterprise Resource Planing software (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

DoliCloud provides several features as modules. Common modules are:

  • Customers/Suppliers/Contacts management
  • Products/Service catalog
  • Commercial proposals
  • Orders
  • Invoices and payments
  • Stock management
  • Agenda
  • Bank management
  • Point of Sale
  • Mass EMailing
  • Import/Export
  • Leave requests
  • ...and more than 30 other business or technical modules are available..

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DoliCloud ERP & CRM demo and screenshots

DoliCloud - Process to get your instance of Open Source Dolibarr ERP & CRM in the Cloud DoliCloud ERP & CRM DoliCloud ERP & CRM DoliCloud ERP & CRM DoliCloud ERP & CRM DoliCloud ERP & CRM DoliCloud ERP & CRM DoliCloud ERP & CRM DoliCloud ERP & CRM DoliCloud ERP & CRM DoliCloud ERP & CRM

DoliCloud ERP & CRM customers

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DoliCloud ERP & CRM pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

9 /month /user
32 /month /user


Accounting Entries Export
Consolidation and Reconciliation
Dashboard & Reports
Standing Order Direct Débit
Billing & Invoicing
Auto-Calculation of VAT
Billing Approvals / validation
Contracts Management
Credit Note Management
Custom Invoices
Delivery Note
Down Payment Management
Email Invoice as an attachment
Invoice ID Management
Late Payment Reminder
Payment follow-up
Purchase Order
Quote to Invoice conversion
Recurrent Billing
Subscription Management
Surveys and FAQ
Goods / items Management
Inventory Management
Linking purchases to project
Product Datasheet
Purchasing Follow-up
Supplier Invoices Management
Supplier Orders Management
Suppliers Management
Project management
Project planning
Project profitability Return On Investment
Resource allocation
Resource management Human Resources management
Sales Force Automation
Account management Companies follow-up
Business Proposition Customer engagement via a product positioning (price, competition, decision makers, etc.)
Contact management People's details editing and individual follow-up
Events history and follow-up Account Activity & History
Lead Management Managing prospective customers from generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships.
Lead management Deal that you have the possibility to close after qualification
Quote Proposal Avoidance
Salespeople Management
Taking of orders
Best If Used By (BIUB)
Bundles Management Bundle, batch, lot
Goods Flow History
Inter-stock Transfer
Inventory Valuation
Minimum and Maximum Stocks
Multi-Stocks Stock management over multiple places or only one
Out-of-Stock Alert
Product Location Management
Product Reference
Restocking Management

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