Simpleter: in summary

Simpleter is the editor and integrator of an intuitive, user-friendly, customizable and efficient tool. Accessible on computer, tablet and smartphone, Simpleter is simple to deploy and simple to use. 

Numerous aids are integrated into the tool:

  • traceability
  • WIP
  • alerts
  • flowcharts
  • captions
  • standard texts
  • ...

It's the only platform designed by experienced business leaders to ensure the smooth operational, functional and financial management of your company.

Simpleter :

  • ensures that your organization is respected by simplifying your processes
  • structures and optimizes your communication by distributing the right information, to the right people, at the right time
  • retrieves all business management data (who did what and when)
  • provides reports enabling you to analyze activity and define areas for improvement
  • warns you to non-compliant work-in-progress
  • offers standard functionalities that save you time and provide the precision you need (quotations, actions, correspondence, inventory, tooling, etc.)
  • optimizes schedules by reconciling a wide range of data (skills, locations, loads, etc.)
  • provides operational precision by structuring project preparation (procedures, schedules, automatic information, etc.).

An all-in-one, comprehensive and innovative software package, Simpleter brings efficiency to companies in all sectors and of all sizes. 

Software structured around the company's businesses. A solution for every topic.

Simpleter is about understanding the past, boosting the present and building the future!

Its benefits

All-in-one software


Software for service companies

Business management software for SME

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Simpleter: its rates and features

On demand
Cost Accounting
Activity Monitoring
Global statistics
Billing & Invoicing
Asset Management

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