Stafiz: App for consulting companies

Focus on your core business, we take care of the rest

Everything to steer your consulting company

Gather all the functionalities you need in one ergonomic software, that has more than 100 options to perfectly fit your processes

  • Previsional staffing
    • Look for available consultants with specific skills
    • Assign to engagements and tasks and view your staffing over the next weeks / months
    • Follow-up of times in projects
  • Time confirmation (past)
    • Easy completion 
    • Customizable unity (half-day, hour, minute,...)
    • Customized reminders, detail of missing days per person
  • Engagement management
    • Follow-up of times and progress
    • Follow-up of profitability through engagement "production plans" / budgets
  • Expenses
    • Mobile scan of expenses with the web app, direct integration into Stafiz
    • Validation workflow
    • Reimbursement
    • Billing of expenses to clients (many options)
  • Invoicing
    • Invoices to emit / invoices not received
    • PDF and Word edition of invoices
    • Alerts for payment delays
  • Holidays
    • Holidays requests
    • Validation workflow
  • Partners management
    • Follow-up of days and units bought
    • Management of partners invoices

Editor: Dilynx

Strengths of Stafiz

  • Exhaustivity: everything in one tool
  • Egonomics: new collaboraters can use Stafiz without training
  • Flexibility: more than 100 options to fit your processes

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Billing & Invoicing
Consolidated Invoices
Custom Invoices
EU and International Invoices
Electronic Invoicing
Budget Variance
Contact Manager Search and organization application for professionnal contacts
Shared Contacts Contacts viewed and updated by multiple people
Sales Tracking
Budget Management
Expenses Input
Time Off & Leave Tracking
People Management
Breaks (paid and not paid)
Budgeted time
Leave Balance
Leave Management
Leave Validation Process
Time Estimation
Incoming Quotes Management
Supplier Invoices Management
Project management
Customer Profitability
Project Portfolio (PPM)
Project profitability Return On Investment
Project report
Projects Overview / follow up
Sales Force Automation
Access to a crowd-sourced database of contacts Source of targeted contacts that can be used for sales purpose
Business Proposal tracking Sales Proposal tracking that lets you know if the document you've sent have been read or not
Business Proposition Customer engagement via a product positioning (price, competition, decision makers, etc.)
Contact management People's details editing and individual follow-up
Sales process and pipeline Customer life cycle management
Services Management
Authorised Representative & Service Provider Management
Talent Management
Skills Management
Workflow & process
Real-time editing

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