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Digitize your core business to gain resilience, agility and performance !

👨‍💻 More than ever before, IT and consulting firms as well as engineering companies have to quickly answer clients' needs. 

If an ERP software helps to manage different business processes (accounting, HR...), these companies specifically need a Modern Resource Management Solution to optimize their core business and boost their results. 

🤯 Stop using spreadsheets and making decisions on gut feeling !

🚀 Use our unique and intelligent solution and get the actionable data about your resources and your projects to improve business performance and drive long-term success.

🙏🏻 Whoz is the market leader solution that is 100% dedicated to your core business :  

  • A 360° Talent Cloud with all your profiles - internal consultants and freelancers

  • Real-time information about plannings and availability 

  • A powerful algorithmic engine to get the best-fit resources matches and accelerate staffing decisions

  • Margin impact of different candidates before staffing

  • 360° profiles to get updated information about each of your ressources (skills, costs, location, career development goals, etc.)

  • Real-time and predictive KPI to anticipate market and business trends and make insightful decisions

💪 From Econocom to Converteo, from Egis to Bloomco, our team is proud to help companies, from all sizes to get the most out of their business ! 

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Strengths of Whoz

  • The Market Leader Resource Management Solution
  • Designed by and for IT and consulting experts
  • Intuitive, collaborative, 100% business-oriented
  • Certifications: GDPR

Whoz demo and screenshots

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Whoz customers

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Whoz pricing and features

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Activity Monitoring
Custom Charts
Custom Queries
Data Source Blending
Interactive Dashboard
Progress chart
Recommendation & Decisions
Semantic Analysis
Shared Dashboards and Reports
Application Customization
User Group Interface
Application Settings
Management of Rights
User Management
Budget Variance
Costs Tracking
Margin Analysis
Turnover Analysis
Content Publishing & Sharing
Managing Attachments
Note Taking Management of a task list and note-taking
Notes Sharing
Planning Overview
Task Management
Time Management
Customer Support
Communications History
Customer Community (Forum, FAQ)
Customer Profile
Feedback & Customer Satisfaction
Forecast of Activity Volume
Live Chat
Document Management
Document Sharing (Files)
Slides Show Presentation Editor
People Management
Activity monitoring
Budgeted time
Company Directory LDAP / Active Directory
Cost Estimation
Holidays Management
Leave Management
Time Estimation
Workforce management
Working Time Management
Materials Resources Planning Materials Requirements Planning or Manufacturing Resources Planning
Project Management
Availability Analysis
Average Daily Rate
Customer Profitability Automatic calculation of the margin or losses generated on a project.
Productivity Analysis
Project Planning
Project Profitability Return On Investment
Projects Overview / Follow Up
Resource Allocation
Resource Management Human Resources management
Task Planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project
Risk Management
Risk Mapping
Sales Force Automation
Account Management Management of company information
BtoB Approach
Business Proposition Customer engagement via product positioning (price, competition, decision making, etc.)
Contact Management Editing and follow-up of contacts for a given company
Events History and Follow-Up Account Activity & History
Lead Management Managing prospective customers from generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships.
Opportunity Management Deal that can possibly be gained following the qualification of a lead
Sales Forecasting Future sales numbers based on statistics
Sales Process and Pipeline Customer life cycle management
Services Management
Subcontractors Management
Software Licences Management
Entitlement Management
Software License Management
Talent Management
Employee Performance and Potential Changes over time in employee performance ratings
Individual Talent Profile
Skills Management
Skills Map


Configuration Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos)

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