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Real-time Moderation Solution for toxic content
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Now is the time to build a better internet.

With its moderation solution, helps platforms of all sizes protect their communities from hateful messages. Its contextual AI technology protects your communities and brand from hate speech, toxic content and cyberbullying on your social platforms and networks and helps you to take action. 

Compared to human moderation, technology detects and moderates toxic content automatically and in real time, without ever censoring communities.

An anti-toxicity solution for businesses

Bodyguard's moderation solution encourages social interaction and positive engagement by preventing toxic content. We provide users, companies and their online communities with a great experience and a safe environment.

Services provided:

  • Real-time content detection and moderation of toxic content (95% detection)

  • Dashboard with analysis reports, alerting system, community management, moderation tool and 100% customizable moderation rules

  • Easy integration (API easy to spin up and integrate on social networks and platforms)

  • Highly scalable

Online hate effect on companies

  • 40% of users will disengage from a community after as little as one exposure to toxic content according to a Businesswire survey

  • 25 % of the largest advertising brands have reduced digital spend due to major brand safety issues

As a platform, you need to do as much as you can to protect your online community. Your users, partners and employees are counting on you

Advantages of

  • Advanced contextual analysis replicating human moderation
  • Real time analysis and moderation
  • Easy and quick integration
  • Certifications:GDPR
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List of the available languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Castilian

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