1CRM: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software


What is 1CRM?

1CRM is a cloud-based software for small and medium-sized enterprises. It covers all important processes of customer relationship management and helps with the digital transformation. This tool enables businesses to create long-lasting customer relationships and experiences. 

Features of 1CRM?

  • Gives a unified view of customers to increase the efficiency of the company (closing probabilities, effective sales channels, sales successes, etc.).

  • Offers a reporting function that evaluates the data from marketing campaigns and sales processes.

  • Reports can be made for each module in the CRM system.

  • Reports can be run on an interval or time basis. 

  • Certain CRM functions can be enabled or disabled when not needed.

  • You can create your own workflows and processes with a personalized home dashboard.

1CRM is an all-rounder in the field of customer management and includes modules such as:

  • marketing,
  • invoicing program,
  • customer service, 
  • project management, 
  • etc.

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