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The all-in-one tool that will boost your business 🚀
Presentation of Djaboo

Djaboo is an excellent, smart customer relationship manager that improves your business productivity. You can manage your projects, your clients, your freelance team, your payments, and automatically generate your contracts and invoices easily in one place.

Djaboo gives you quick and easy access to the functions you need to develop your business. It includes everything you need to manage your business efficiently and peacefully. Your turn !

Essential features for your productivity

  • Automatic reports of time sheets and income/expenses.
  • The automatic calculation of your charges.
  • The management of the transition to different levels of your VAT.
  • Real-time quote management.
  • Sales Pipelines
  • Contracts are generated automatically from customer information.

Essential features for project management

  • Managing your simple and complex tasks with setting reminders.
  • An integrated chat allowing you to discuss projects with your collaborators involved.
  • Planning of tasks and activities via calendars, timelines, time trackers and Gantt charts, Kanban or lists.
  • The management of documents, spreadsheets as well as knowledge bases in order to share them with your collaborators.

Essential features for customer management

  • Adding customers or bulk importing your existing customers.
  • Team management by specifying their roles and access to the application and also a view of everyone's leave, attendance and activities.
  • The shop allowing you to offer predefined service packages.
  • Automatic invoicing that is done by our intuitive editor.

Full customization of your application

  • Possibility to choose the view: list view, table view, calendar view and much more.
  • Add your logo, customize colors and add your desired backgrounds.
  • Customize your digital workspace you will be able to:
    • Choose the different features you want to use.
    • Change colors to make tasks more identifiable.
    • Use different statuses to categorize tasks and gain efficiency.

Advantages of Djaboo

  • An impressive and modern user interface
  • A fully automated and intuitive management tool
  • Powerful and robust features
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Prices and features of Djaboo


Billing & Invoicing

Fixed Price & Time-Based Billing
Recurrent Billing
Staged Payments


Automatic Reply and Forwarding
Call Transfer to Mobile Device
Group Chat
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