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Zoho CRMThe Smart and Efficient Solution for your Sales Team

Based on +200 reviews
Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €14.00 /month

Streamline customer interactions with a cloud-based CRM. Automate sales, marketing, and support processes with ease.

Manage leads, contacts, and deals in one place. Access real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions. Collaborate with team members to improve customer engagement.

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Streamlines sales: Manage leads, contacts, deals

Enhances engagement: Personalize customer interactions

Provides insights: Robust reporting and forecasting

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HubSpot CRMThe all-in-one powerful software for sales

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Streamlines customer interactions with integrated communication tools, analytics, and automation.

HubSpot CRM facilitates efficient customer relationship management by offering integrated communication tools, detailed analytics, and automation features. It's designed to streamline the connections between a business and its customers, leveraging data-driven insights and simplified workflows to enhance engagement and sales strategies. With its comprehensive approach to CRM, HubSpot CRM proves to be an accessible, powerful tool for businesses aiming to optimize their customer relations and drive growth.

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Streamlines sales process and improves efficiency

Enhances customer experience and retention

Provides insights for better decision making

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monday sales CRMOne Place to Manage Your Entire CRM Sales Pipeline

Based on +200 reviews
Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from $13.00 /month

Streamline sales management with our CRM software. Automate tasks, track leads, and analyze data to increase efficiency and revenue.

Our CRM software offers a user-friendly interface, customizable dashboards, and real-time reporting. Improve communication with customers and team members, and never miss a follow-up with automated reminders. Gain insights into sales performance and make data-driven decisions to grow your business.

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Quick Setup and Fast Adoption

Customizable to Fit Any Business Need

Advanced Automation of Repetitive Tasks

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FreshsalesFree CRM Software for Sales Process Automation

Based on +200 reviews
Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €12.00 /month

Streamline your customer interactions with a top-rated CRM software that offers automation, lead management, and reporting features.

With this cloud-based software, you can easily organize your leads and automate your sales process. The software also provides detailed reporting on your sales pipeline, giving you insights to make informed decisions.

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Automates email tracking, lead assignment, and data entry

Simplifies lead management

Tracks pipeline, conversion rates and revenue

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Salesforce Sales CloudThe all-in-one CRM for your business

No user review
Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €25.00 /month

Enhances customer relationships with advanced analytics and comprehensive lead tracking.

Salesforce Sales Cloud stands out as a leading customer relationship management software, offering advanced analytics, comprehensive lead tracking, multi-platform integration capabilities, and personalized customer engagement tools. Designed to boost sales and improve customer relationships, this software provides a holistic view of each customer, facilitating more effective communication and sales strategy planning.

Read our analysis about Salesforce Sales Cloud Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Improves sales team productivity and performance

Enables data-driven decision making

Enhances customer experience and loyalty

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OnPay CRMPayroll and HR tool that keeps your business running

Based on +200 reviews
Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Automate your payroll tasks with ease. Streamline your payroll process and keep your employees happy.

With this software, you can easily manage employee payroll, taxes, and compliance. The software offers automatic tax filing, direct deposit, and employee self-service options. Say goodbye to manual payroll processing and hello to a stress-free payroll experience.

Read our analysis about OnPay CRM Benefits of OnPay CRM

User-friendly interface for easy setup and use

Transparent pricing with no hidden fees

Responsive customer support

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Sales HubCRM and Sales Software for Sales Teams

No user review
Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Streamlines CRM processes, enhancing sales and customer engagement.

Sales Hub specializes in elevating customer relationship management by streamlining sales processes and improving customer engagement. With advanced analytics, automated workflows, and customizable features, it ensures businesses can efficiently manage contacts, sales pipelines, and performance tracking. By providing a comprehensive toolkit for sales strategy execution and customer lifecycle management, Sales Hub becomes an essential solution for businesses looking to optimize their CRM efforts.

Read our analysis about Sales Hub Benefits of Sales Hub

All-in-one Platform

Easy to Use

Support and Easy Implementation

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ThryvSimplify Business Management and Grow Your Company

Based on +200 reviews
Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Streamlines customer interaction, appointment scheduling, payment processing, and marketing.

Thryv is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management software designed to simplify the way businesses interact with their customers. It facilitates centralized communication, efficient appointment scheduling, seamless payment processing, and targeted marketing efforts. Additionally, it offers tools for managing contacts, tracking customer engagement, and analyzing performance metrics to enhance business operations.

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DigitalRecruitersCareer sites, ATS and CRM to manage recruitment

No user review
Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Streamline your recruitment process with our software's automated job posting and applicant tracking features.

Our recruiting software simplifies hiring by allowing you to easily manage candidates, communicate with them, and schedule interviews. Save time and increase efficiency with DigitalRecruiters.

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from $12.00 /month

Streamline customer interactions with our CRM software. Manage leads, sales, and projects efficiently.

Insightly's Customer Relationship Management software allows businesses to manage their customer interactions with ease. The software helps streamline lead management, sales tracking, and project management, all in one place. By centralizing customer data, businesses can enhance their customer relationships and improve their bottom line.

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