Protecsys 2 Suite: Premises and Employees Safety

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Protecsys 2 Suite: a global security solution

Horoquartz's Protecsys 2 Suite solution offers advanced and integrated functionalities for better safety and security of your assets and employees.

  • Access Control
  • Video surveillance
  • Autonomous locks
  • Visitor management
  • Intrusion detection
  • Supervision

With Protecsys 2 Suite : 

  • Avoid intrusions and unauthorised access with a complete access control solution.
  • Reinforce prevention and deterrence with video surveillance and intrusion detection solutions.
  • Identify threats and crisis situations more easily with centralised and integrated supervision.
  • Easily and cost-effectively secure a large number of doors with a wide range of stand-alone locks.
  • Improve reception with a visitor management and visitor preparation module.

Reduce costs linked to insecurity

Protecsys 2 Suite ultimately helps you to reduce the costs related to insecurity, whether they are direct (damage to property and people, business interruption, data theft, etc.) or indirect (security, insurance and claims management costs), while also increasing employees' sense of security.

Adapting to the expected level of security

The expected level of safety depends largely on the customer's business and organisation. A Seveso site, an OIV (vitally important operator), an administration receiving the public, a sales outlet, a food-processing site may have different regulatory obligations. Protecsys 2 Suite adapts to the security policy of each company by offering the appropriate functionalities and modules.

Horoquartz: a unique positioning on the safety and security market

Horoquartz masters the full range of solutions implemented at customers' sites, combining software publishing, hardware design and manufacture and systems integration.

Horoquartz employs 530 people in 19 branches in France. In 2017, the company achieved a turnover of nearly 55 million euros and devotes more than 15% of its annual turnover to research and development.

Protecsys 2 Suite already equips more than 1,200 sites in France in all sectors of activity

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Strengths of Protecsys 2 Suite

  • Certifications: GDPR

Protecsys 2 Suite demo and screenshots

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Protecsys 2 Suite customers

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Protecsys 2 Suite pricing and features

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Custom Charts
Data Import/Export
Drill Down
Planning Overview
Time Management
Credential Management
Anti Passback
Authorization Management
Badge Personalization
Elevator Management
List of Site Visitors
Management of Access Rights for Readers, Reader Groups and Profiles
Multi-company Management
Multi-site Management
Parking Management
People and Vehicle Counts
Security Level Check
Video Badging
Animated Diagrams
Graphic Monitoring
Monitoring of Emergency Exits
Scenario Management
Screen Wall
People Management
Process & Workflow
Form Editor
Validation Process
Project Management
Room Reservation
Video Surveillance
Access Control System Integration
Alarm Management Integration
Event Recording
Monitoring Integration


Security & Confidentiality
Alarm Management
Crisis Management
Email Alarm Transmission
Evacuation Plan Management
IP Alarm Transmission
SIA DC09 Transmission
Servo-Control System Management
Text Message Alarm Transmission
24/7 Support
Configuration Support
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)

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