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A leading CDP that offers personalized customer experiences across platforms.

Bloomreach is a prominent Customer Data Platform designed to unify customer data across all touchpoints, providing a seamless, highly personalized experience for each user. It leverages AI to analyze behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to engage customers more effectively with targeted content and recommendations. Ideal for organizations aiming to enhance digital customer interactions while optimizing marketing strategies.

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Personalize marketing in real-time across all channels

Leverage AI and marketing intelligence to reach customers

Understand your audience with key analytics

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Get deep insights into your customers and enhance their experience with our Customer Data Platform.

Our software collects, unifies, and analyzes data from multiple sources to provide a 360-degree view of your customers. Use this information to personalize interactions, improve targeting, and increase engagement.

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Manage and unify customer data across multiple channels with ease.

CrossEngage's Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to create a single customer profile by integrating data from various sources. With its advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities, you can deliver targeted marketing campaigns that drive revenue.

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Less friction: easy automation

More speed: real-time campaigns

One step ahead: data from all channels

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A complete CDP solution that collects and analyzes customer data from multiple sources, providing actionable insights to optimize marketing campaigns and improve customer experience.

With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, this software allows businesses to track customer behavior across channels and touchpoints, segment audiences, and personalize communications. Its user-friendly interface and integrations with popular marketing tools make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

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Graphical & intuitive Dashboard

Predictive analysis & in-depth segmentation

AI & Web Personalisation

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Paid version from €500.00 /month

A CDP software that collects customer data from multiple sources, unifies it, and provides actionable insights to improve customer experience.

With Decide AI, businesses can easily segment customers, personalize marketing campaigns, and optimize customer journey. The software's AI-powered predictive analytics also helps identify potential churn and recommends retention strategies.

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AI algorithms

SaaS platform

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Automate marketing tasks, track customer behavior, and optimize campaigns with this powerful software.

With its intuitive interface, Mapp Cloud simplifies segmentation, A/B testing, and email automation. Advanced reporting features provide insights into customer engagement and ROI, making it a valuable tool for any marketer.

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Real-time Customer insights Platform

Natively multichannel: email, SMS, mobile push, social push

Marketing friendly solution

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