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G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) is a website which allows users to generate comparative analysis of various software. It is aimed at professional software vendors and companies looking for a software solution.

What G2 brings to the table

The website is focused on the needs of users looking for software: companies use it to find the solution that will be best suited to their specific needs.

G2 offers a review-oriented approach: it positions and compares each software solution against others based on these reviews, within a comparison table.

Software vendors reference their solutions on this website to appear in the catalog, which allows them to assess their place in the market by comparing themselves to the solutions provided by their competitors.

The choice of users is guided by the numerous reviews left on the platform. 

The characteristics of G2

G2 enjoys a very comprehensive software catalog for the US software market.

This represents an opportunity for vendors wishing to enter this market but can also become a problem in view of the difficulties to be visible next to American giants.

The platform features numerous reviews on the solutions’ product pages because users are encouraged to give their opinion, most notably through a reward system, which may affect their reliability and trustworthiness.

The website bets on a technical approach, as its interface is rather complex. This makes searching for software more difficult for users less familiar with business software.

G2 VS Appvizer

Appvizer is the #1 media in Europe that digitalizes companies. With a focus on its users’ needs, the platform supports them in the best possible way possible throughout their software research marketing funnel.

This approach allows Appvizer to be more than a lever of traffic acquisition and to offer 360° marketing solutions based on AI technology to software vendors.

Vendors listed on Appvizer can gather reviews and be present in the platform while staying in control of their product page for free.

Like Capterra, Appvizer is multilocal and multilingual: the platform is present on the American, British, French, Spanish, Italian and German markets.

Something to keep in mind: the catalogs of the various Appvizer domains are specific and localized, the solutions available depend on the specific norms, technological expectations and needs of users in the country in question.

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Strengths of G2

  • Number of reviews
  • US market

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