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All-in-one for a smart digital transformation

The BPM Suite, BIC Platform, developed by the German leader in this area, GBTEC Software AG, covers the complete life cycle of the business process, from modeling to execution, monitoring and optimization.

Why use BIC Platform?

Its modular structure and scalability allow to always fulfill the needs of any client, allowing both to add new functionalities to the software and to grow at the pace of the company. By covering the entire life cycle of the process, you will always have the right tool to carry out every digital transformation in your company.

Main features of BIC Platform

This innovative software is composed of three blocks, which include modules that can be selected by the customer according to their needs. In this way, the customer contracts only what he needs. These blocks are:

1. BIC Process Design

With BIC Process Design you will experience how easy and intuitive it is to model processes in this tool, analyze and publish them, so that they are available to the entire company.

2. BIC Process Execution

BIC Process Execution is a block that includes different pre-configured modules for process automation, from zero code to low code, depending on your needs and the complexity of the tasks to be automated:

•             BIC GRC: This preconfigured module allows to manage risk and controls throughout the company, as well as to trace and compliance with internal and external regulations. This enables managers to have a complete vision of critical activities within the company in real time.

•             BIC RPA: Thanks to BIC RPA you can connect intelligent robots to your IT systems and thus automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to reallocate human resources to more complex tasks while reducing errors and increasing productivity.

•             BIC DPA: Thanks to its system of pre-configured modules, you can automate your processes with a minimum of programming and tailored to your needs.

3. BIC Process Mining

With BIC Process Mining you can visualize, measure, and analyze your real business processes, based on current process data to optimize your processes, adapting them to ever-changing markets and circumstances.

You do not have your processes modeled yet? No problem with BIC Process Mining. This software allows you, based on the data obtained from your computer systems, to visualize your real processes and export them to BIC Process Design to be modified and optimized to avoid the bottlenecks that are slowing down the productivity of your processes.

And if all this is not enough, here we summarize the advantages of BIC Platform:

  • An all-in-one solution for process management and digital transformation
  • High degree of acceptance by end users thanks to its intuitive design and ease of use
  • Any BIC Platform component can be installed in the cloud, both public and private, as well as at the customer's premises
  • As it is web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere and even be used offline.

Do not wait any longer and request a free trial version on our website today.

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Strengths of BIC Platform

  • Intuitive, latest technology, user-friendly
  • Modular, web-based, on-premises or cloud
  • Scalability, allows you to work offline
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, GDPR, ISO 27001

BIC Platform demo and screenshots

BIC Process Mining Software Bpmn diagram in BIC process Design Governance, Risk and Compliance in BIC GRC Zero-Code Process Automation in BIC Process Execution Low code process automation with BIC DPA

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