Limble: in summary

Limble CMMS is a maintenance management software designed to maximize team productivity by eliminating paper work orders and facilitating real-time communication. With its free Basic version, Limble CMMS offers an excellent starting point for teams looking to digitalize their maintenance processes at no initial cost. This version includes unlimited work orders, advanced asset management, and deep analytics, making daily management smoother and more efficient.

What are the main features of Limble?

Work Order Management

The Basic version of Limble CMMS allows for comprehensive and effective work order management:

  • Unlimited work orders with attached images: Document issues and repairs visually for increased clarity.
  • Real-time communication: Maintain seamless collaboration between requesters and technicians.
  • 4 active recurring work orders: Automate regular maintenance tasks for better planning.
  • Unlimited work order exports: Share and analyze maintenance data easily.

Advanced Asset Management

Limble CMMS Basic includes powerful tools for asset management:

  • Unlimited assets and custom fields: Tailor the software to the complexity of your asset inventory.
  • Photo capture for work requests and annotations: Record visual details of issues for quick diagnostics.

Analytics and Reporting

The Basic version of Limble provides access to advanced analytics tools:

  • 1 month of access to advanced analytics: Gain insights to optimize your operations during the trial period.
  • Reports on asset condition and performance: Track key performance indicators to assess maintenance effectiveness.


Limble CMMS Basic is an ideal solution for businesses wanting to modernize their maintenance management without an initial investment. With its comprehensive work order and asset management features, as well as advanced analytics capabilities, Limble Basic helps teams increase their productivity while maintaining tight control over maintenance operations. It is a perfect choice for those starting digitalization of maintenance or looking to evaluate the benefits of a CMMS system at no cost.

Its benefits

Unlimited work orders with attached images in free version

4 active recurring work orders in free version

Unlimited assets and custom fields in free version

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