Mobility Work CMMS/GMAO: in summary

Mobility Work is the first community-based, next-gen maintenance management platform, offering both a CMMS(computerized maintenance management system) solution available in SaaS, translated into 17 languages, and a social network dedicated to maintenance professionals and their suppliers. With more than 35,000 users spread across the world, the Mobility Work CMMS community benefits from the experience of over 7 million hours of maintenance, and exchanges information on the nearly 1 million equipment already created.

Mobile, easy to use and easy to deploy, our CMMS software requires no training. Teams access the application from a PC, tablet or smartphone and consult their plant's activity in real time, so that they can intervene quickly on equipment. By adopting the mobile CMMS Mobility Work, maintenance professionals and managers can ensure the smooth running of maintenance tasks and activities within their plants and control the confidentiality of their data.

In the world of industrial maintenance, users are quite often confronted with maintenance software that is not easily accessible. Here, however, one week is enough to adopt the tool, master its functionalities and integrate your equipment. 


Enhance your maintenance teams’ daily work

  • Improve the traceability of activities and the reactivity of each team (administrator, technician or service provider profiles) thanks to your network’s real-time newsfeed
  • Manage your machine park: quickly create your equipment files, enter your activity and plan your preventive maintenance with ease
  • Easily import your historical data for free: equipment, counters and documents
  • Save time thanks to QR codes, the voice dictation function, the multi-counters measurements and the mobile app, and fill in your interventions on the spot
  • Control the confidentiality of your data
  • Keep working on the field even if the Internet connection is off using the offline mode

Join the first maintenance-based social network

  • Exchange spare parts, good practices, and documentation with your network
  • Benefit from the expertise of a users community by exchanging with companies of your business field and share knowledge among experts via the instant messaging
  • Take advantage of the Official Suppliers’ catalog (Mobility Work Hub): retrieve technical documentation and advice directly in your CMMS in order to fight the obsolescence of your machine park

Generate statistics and improve your decision-making process

  • Retrieve information directly from the integrated analytics tool
  • Analyze your maintenance data thanks to the integrated analytical tool and improve your decision-making to achieve a successful transition from curative maintenance to preventive or even predictive maintenance
  • Enrich your CMMS with all your data (ERP, IoT, MES, sensors) and improve the management of your spare parts
  • Benchmark your sites with each other

Its benefits

Community-based and collaborative

Mobile and intuitive app, no installation or training

Big Data and analysis for better decision making

Certifications:ISO 27001

Mobility Work CMMS/GMAO - Video
Mobility Work CMMS/GMAO - Intuitive and mobile
Mobility Work CMMS/GMAO - Data-driven
Mobility Work CMMS/GMAO - Community-based

Mobility Work CMMS/GMAO: its rates

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