Okdesk.com: in summary

We spent more than 15 years in developing enterprise help desks before founding Okdesk.com a solution that really meets b2b requirements for field service automation & fleet management integrators.

Our platform keeps focus on service contracts and equipment maintenance but at the same time keeping all the advantages of a great communication hub as other popular help desks.

In Okdesk you can easily:

  • Create service contracts and attach to them such information as customer contact details and locations, store private and public notes, attach documents, images, and many more.

  • Manage related to your service contracts equipment (serial numbers, location, maintenance history, generate QR-codes, create maintenance checklists, run knowledge base for each item etc).

  • Get notifications of warranty works, shift times and dates with a drag-and-drop dispatch grid in smart calendar. Send job information to your field workers through mobile app.

  • Track clients, equipment and technicians online

  • Use mobile applications for technicians.

  • Use mobile applications for clients. Yes we have different bunches of mobile apps. for everyone.

  • Our functional API provides various integration options with any soft 

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Okdesk.com: its rates and features

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