Oracle ERP Procurement Cloud: in summary

Who is Oracle ERP Procurement Cloud for?

No matter the size of the business, Oracle ERP Procurement Cloud is a full solution. You can guarantee functional coverage of your business thanks to its ERP component. The program helps you monitor and select your suppliers as well as your direct and indirect costs.

It is a system that enables businesses to use creative purchasing methods. As a result, the platform enables you to standardize and automate a number of business operations.

What is the platform's operation?

You may handle several elements of your organization with the use of Oracle ERP Procurement Cloud software.

Streamline the purchasing experience and control expenses.

The program aids in creating the ideal purchasing environment for your clients. In an effort to make the purchasing process as simple as possible, it will assist customers in finding the goods and services that are most suitable for them.

Oracle's software helps in the development of purchase orders from authorized requests when the purchasing process is complete and controls the modifications of these purchase orders with a history of changes.

Supply Chain and Purchasing Management

You may manage your suppliers in accordance with your company's demands with the aid of Oracle ERP Procurement Cloud. In order to get the ideal company outcomes, it assists you in anticipating the possibility of overages or shortages.

To improve communication between your business and your suppliers, the program helps you create papers for them. This enables you to work with them more effectively and enhance the purchase process.

Support for Contract Management

You are guided in the formation of contracts with the employees of your business by this Oracle solution. With the aid of pre-approved templates and access to a database of provisions, you are directed in their formulation to make sure the contract is legal for you and your collaborator.

Its benefits

Assistance in drafting contracts

Improves collaboration with

Oracle ERP Procurement Cloud: its rates and features

On demand
Inventory Management
Suppliers Management
Capacity planning
Production resource planning
Security & Confidentiality
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

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Oracle ERP Procurement Cloud
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