8x8: in summary

8x8 is a cloud-based communication and collaboration software that provides a range of tools and services for businesses of all sizes. It offers a unified platform for voice, video, chat, and contact center solutions, as well as integration with third-party apps and services.

8x8 is designed for organizations that need a reliable and scalable communication solution that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It is ideal for remote teams, contact centers, and businesses that want to improve communication and collaboration among employees and customers.

One of the key strengths of 8x8 is its advanced analytics and reporting tools that provide insights into communication patterns, call volumes, and customer behavior. Another strong point is its integration capabilities with popular third-party apps such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace. Lastly, 8x8 offers a highly customizable platform that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual businesses.

Its benefits

Advanced analytics for better decisions & customer encounter

Integration with famous third-party apps boosts productivity

Flexible, customizable platform to suit business needs

Its disadvantages

Too many updates

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Appvizer's opinion

We like 8x8 for communication and cooperation. Voice and video calling, chat, and contact center options are available on the easy-to-use platform.

Advanced analytics and reporting tools help us understand our contact patterns and call volumes.

8x8's high security and compliance help us meet compliance standards and secure our communication. The platform's seamless integration with famous third-party apps boosts our productivity and efficiency.

8x8 is a great communication option for businesses. The platform exceeded our hopes and improved organization-wide communication and collaboration.

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8x8: its rates and features

8x8 offers multiple pricing plans starting at $28/user/month and going up to $140/user/month for advanced features like omni-channel routing, co-browsing, and speech analytics.

Each plan includes a range of communication and collaboration features, such as voice and video calling, chat functionality, contact center solutions, and integration with third-party apps. Businesses can choose a plan based on their specific needs and budget.

On demand
Online Backup
Call Recording
Group Chat
Video Conference
Connected Devices Management
Data, SMS, MMS and Call Consumption
Security & Confidentiality
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

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8x8: the complete test

8x8 is a communication and collaboration platform that offers high-quality voice and video calling, chat functionality, and contact center solutions to help businesses improve their communication, collaboration, and customer service. We’ve prepared and developed the three main features of the software for you to get a better understanding of what 8x8 actually does and what it will help you with.

Voice and video calling

8x8's voice and video calling feature provides businesses with a reliable and flexible communication solution, allowing them to collaborate effectively and stay connected no matter where they are. It features: 

  • high-quality audio and video, 
  • group calling, 
  • screen sharing, 
  • call recording, 
  • call forwarding 
  • routing.

8x8's call recording feature allows users to record calls for later reference, making it useful for customer service teams. It also ensures that calls are answered promptly, even if the intended recipient is not available. 

8x8's Chat functionality feature provides users with a robust messaging platform that allows for real-time communication and collaboration with colleagues and team members. It includes instant messaging, file sharing, public and private channels, emojis, mentions, and reactions, message history and search, and integration with other tools. 8x8's chat functionality allows businesses to work together efficiently and stay connected no matter where they are.

Chat functionality

8x8's chat feature allows real-time contact and collaboration with coworkers. Details about this feature:

  • Instant messaging: 8x8's chat feature lets users send real-time instant texts.
  • File sharing: 8x8's chat feature lets users share files, documents, and links to collaborate on tasks and documents. Public and private lines: Team discussions can be held in public or private channels.
  • Emojis, mentions, and reactions: 8x8's chat functionality allows emojis, mentions, and reactions to convey tone and intent, highlight key points, and express agreement or disagreement.

8x8 stores all chat conversations, enabling users to search for specific messages or files.

Integration with other tools: Email clients and project management tools can be integrated with 8x8's chat features to streamline communication and collaboration across channels. 8x8's chat functionality allows teams to collaborate and work effectively from anywhere.

Contact center solution

8x8's contact center solution helps companies streamline processes and enhance customer service. Details about this feature:

  • Skills-based routing: 8x8's lets companies route calls to the most qualified agent. This matches customers with the best agent to resolve their issues fast.
  • Call queues: 8x8's automatically queues callers in order of arrival when call volume is high.
  • Web callback: 8x8 lets customers request a callback from an agent instead of sitting on hold. This reduces wait times and enhances customer service.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: 8x8's contact center solution tracks call volume, wait times, and client satisfaction. Data-driven decisions can enhance customer experience using this data.
  • Integration with third-party apps: 8x8's can be integrated with CRM and helpdesk software to streamline customer care operations and enhance efficiency.
  • Co-browsing: 8x8's co-browsing lets agents work with customers in real time to fix issues faster.

8x8's contact center solution empowers businesses to enhance customer service and streamline processes. Businesses can use skills-based routing, advanced reporting, and analytics to improve user experience and bottom line.

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